zenglihunter | Comic download | 2017-05-28
  终于连载再开了,o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ 庆祝下分享猎人33卷单行班下载) HUNTER×HUNTER 33卷 台湾東立单行本下载 链接: 密码: xd4b 媒体报导: Young comics Japan's leading cartoonist Yoshihiro Togashi creation of "Hunter X Hunter" was recently broke the booklet will be available in Volume 34 of June 26, 2017 news。Recently, a Japanese media reporters were official confirmation to Shueisha,Acknowledgment message ... [Read the full text]

Protected: 1-32 volume of the full time Hunter comic,+ Hong Kong + Japan Baidu Web site download

zenglihunter | Comic download | 2015-07-25
See Nimrod review,Hunter comic before resources are invalid (blame it on 115 not shared),So specially collected Baidu today Hunter booklet,Including Taiwan East and Hong Kong editions volume 1-32 booklet,For your collection。Look forward to the early reopened............ the full-time hunters comics (Taiwan) link: password: Uqs3 full-time hunters comics (Hong Kong version) link: key .... [Read the full text]

Comics 31-32 volume of the full-time hunters East Chinese version Download "Baidu's Web site"

zenglihunter | Comic download | 2013-10-28
Hunter is a deep hole,Do not know when landing ToT monographs cover Hunter x Hunter 31 volumes of the Hunter x Hunter 32 volumes of the complete defeat of the war download: 31 volumes of the full-time hunters Taiwan East Edition download: 32 volumes of the full-time hunters Taiwan East Edition download: [Read the full text]

Theatrical releases "HUNTERxHUNTER Fei color vision" notices to PV

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2012-11-05
My theatrical trailer PV hunt finally came,Quite looking forward to the next year of the Phantom of the red color of the official release of Oh-second Tan Theatre notices series [Read the full text]

Full time Hunter the Hunter x Hunter 30-volume Chinese version of the booklet download

zenglihunter | Comic download | 2012-10-24
Before sharing a Japanese version of Hunter 30-volume monograph,Now wait for a Chinese version of,Hunting enthusiasts quickly download collection o(∩_∩)O lol Hunter 30 volumes Taiwan East Edition download: Hunter 30 volume Hong Kong fair Edition download: [Read the full text]

FJ full-time hunters comics set:President niteluo and the Ant wangmeiluaimu

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2012-09-09
340 words from our Nitro is that the original name rather than the president's name and the name isaac The aizac by Eye za LEC with google translation will continue to try to find isaac isaac found with two characters Jazz a famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton Isaac Newton One is Isaac(Isaac) 旧约圣经创世纪人物 创世纪是由摩西写成的 以撒(Isaac) Introduction to marry later, 60 children have two children Isaac in the original text for laughter in Isaac's father wanted to .... [Read the full text]

Togashi Yoshihiro set guess comic 12-Mao rabbit

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2012-08-12
FJ 12 really put a lot of effort,Also did a lot of data drawn from。Hunter's attraction lies in its fine points。This article reproduced in Baidu Hunter of the new PANDA: 十二支卯兔漫画人设猜想 卯兔的正面及背面漫画设定图 兔名字是ピヨンぴよん Piyon 十二支中对应卯兔,Shape is the most visible + a pair of large rabbit ears from the tail。Neck hands legs also have rabbit fur。身体方面十分娇小应该只有165... [Read the full text]

When the man show, another year-Recorded July 2012 the fourth Animation Festival

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2012-07-22
First day of the fourth animation show boasts 160,000 participants,Remember the day I went to visit the Shanghai World Expo is more than 400,000,Expo area at least in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 2nd area hundreds of times! One can imagine how crowded the the man show! If the world had a comic in the world,Maybe power stronger than a World Expo! Shenzhen Animation Festival 2010 tickets are 25 dollars,2012 has risen to 35 dollars,Prices really go ~~ to go to Shenzhen to Comic-Con,Most happy to be .... [Read the full text]

Full time Hunter's first film version of the Phantom of the red color will be released in January 2013

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2012-07-19
Serial,Oh, no,Is xiukan for such a long time Hunter finally ushered in the first film version of the Phantom of the red color of the,But have to wait until next year's o(∩_∩)O haha ~ Fu Blue Jay fair's animation work of the HUNTER x HUNTER Hunter,7On 18th officially launched the first animated film titled Phantom of the theater version of the Hunter pretty HUNTER x HUNTER color (provisional translation,Theatrical HUNTERxHUNTER Fei color into the Mirage),And is scheduled to be launched early next year。 According to the information currently published,Magic .... [Read the full text]

Hunter HD Japanese original download 2012 + comics monographs 30 volume sales in the list

zenglihunter | Comic download | 2012-06-03
The Hunter 30 volumes was really super HD,Size 300M,o(∩_∩)O HA HA,Waiting for the Chinese version of the ing the Hunter x Hunter 30 volumes of the returned answers cover Hunter HUNTERxHUNTER vol.30 volume Japanese version download:[Fu Bo Blue Jay can correspond]獵 man-HUNTERxHUNTER-vol.30 Japanese Edition. zip 2012 Japan comics sales sales chart in the first half, "2011.11.21-2012.05.20 sales" 1. The end of Evangelion Eiichiro 13,833,116 2. The Hokage .... [Read the full text]
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