Full-time hunters funny doujin:Hunter x Hunter embarrassed of the day o(∩_∩)O~

zenglihunter | Coterie cartoon | 2011-11-23
From the hand of hunters stick cattle,Drew loving fan ~ wood ~ Hunter Fan will reservoir o(∩_∩)O~ original post address:Tieba.Baidu.com/p/1286249831 Hunter x Hunter day 囧 [Read the full text]

Hunter's latest doujin comic:The true capacity of the yalujia

zenglihunter | Coterie cartoon | 2011-10-30
Strange teeth of four recent real fire,Stick is about four sisters,Look at this fine comic ^ _ ^ [Read the full text]

Full time Hunter Brigade doujin comics of the arm wrestling

zenglihunter | Coterie cartoon | 2011-09-06
Hunter,Found,Picture is very beautiful,Took his o(∩_∩)O haha ~ [Read the full text]
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Hunter doujin comic spoof of the Octopus-Chi ya brother COS Theater battle

zenglihunter | Coterie cartoon | 2011-08-11
Draw a good Hunter Fan parody comics,Click to enlarge pictures ^ _ ^ [Read the full text]
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