Angel Wings 2 Chinese version download,Chinese ROM+NES Simulator

zenglihunter | Recommended Games | 2012-05-02
Angel Wings 21 carry generation memory game,I remember as a child and brother of Yu XING of DVD playing at her aunt's home from afar。Remember the game interface is in Japanese,Play all but 3rd stage,Now found a play Angel Wings of the Chinese version,It is sailed。 This Angel Wings finished version since the Nes games emulator FCE Ultra, Installation can play。But the game can only be installed to the c drive,Not satisfied with friends can be installed after finished ROM copy of Angel Wings,用其他模拟器玩... [Read the full text]

"Hero guard 2 Chinese version Download" playing card version RPG Tower Defense game!

zenglihunter | Recommended Games | 2012-04-27
Hero guard 2 Knights vs zombies is somewhat similar,Is the version of the city game。But a hero guard 2 are 2D images,Game class and props more cards than Samurai vs many,Hero guard 2 is available on eight magical transfer of money o(∩_∩)O HA HA, Hero guards 2 v1.0.6 has two heroes can choose,A night Warrior GG,One is Archer MM。This version has the BUG,Choose the Dark Knight play to exit automatically after half,No solution,It is recommended to play Archer。Your needs .... [Read the full text]

Knight vs offline data-free download version,Kill other zombie game

zenglihunter | Recommended Games | 2012-03-20
Recently fell in love with the Warrior vs zombies game,Play is fun,Picture is cute。Phone fun,Unfortunately sometimes the game screen takes screen,Recommend you play o(∩_∩)O HA! Knight vs zombies game about being a professional warriors,You want to protect villages and make every effort to,Spread top with long knives and crossbows to attack zombie Corps wiped out! Your villages are suffering from a group of zombies attack! Being a wise and brave warrior you have the ability to .... [Read the full text]
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