[Internet] Science modify Host unlimited data,Easy Google

zenglihunter | Computer Skills | 2017-03-10
Work reasons often need to look at foreign websites,And the most is the use of Google。 Rom with free VPN and there is often traffic restrictions,VPN and other agents can not modify the system by Host,Direct access to the corresponding foreign websites,high speed。 But pay attention to access Google need to use https。 This method of D from the old blog,Specific venue and his blog,He would have been updated Host file,Here only recommend favorites:) For details, please click: 2017 Google hosts ongoing update [Read the full text]
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Computer Internet Ping Tong,Only 64-bit IE Internet solutions

zenglihunter | Computer Skills | 2015-06-24
Computer is a 64-bit Windows 7 ultimate,Suddenly all the software without Internet access,And are unable to access the router's local background,But can Ping Tong,DNS failed problem,Host file has no problem。Occasion of the toss for a long time was about to collapse,Came across a 64-bit IE Internet,Under the joy of Baidu,Finally solved,Record。 Cause analysis of computer no Internet access computer Svchost virus or Trojan infection,And 64-bit IE browser communication port is not by Svchost.exe.. [Read the full text]

Millet premium theme hack "test available"

zenglihunter | Computer Skills | 2014-03-31
Latest hack,升级WSM tools安装MiThemes重启即可^^ 注意:System upgrade to 4.4.4 and updated version,The following method will fail。 工具/原料 WSM工具箱_WSM_tools_2.1.5 Mi-Tools_pro.burgerz.wsm.mods.mitools_18 一安装前的准备 ROOT你的手机 分别下载WSM工具箱_WSM_tools和Mi-Tools两个软件到手机下载好后分别安装他们 注意此时不要运行这两个程序安装好就行... [Read the full text]

Engine V7 or above acquisition methods of current collection page URL

zenglihunter | Computer Skills | 2014-02-15
After the engine has been updated to V7 or above to save the file locally, you need to set file template,And it is not the default save collection page URL,The engine Forum,Looking for the next Baidu,See solutions。Finding the next,Collected can be achieved by setting the figure below the current page URL collection。 [Read the full text]

TV stick TV Stick to watch Chinese TV set + software download

zenglihunter | Computer Skills | 2013-11-10
TV stick type:Hybrid DVB-T Digital & Analog TV for HDTV。Mainly sold abroad。 Computer software is:ArcSoft TotalMedia 3.5 Software in video mode is set to:PAL_I 设置如图最后附加有线电视线就可以用电脑看电视了^^ ArcSoft TotalMedia 3.5 Download: http://faenl.msi.com/index.php?dir=Multimedia/Arcsoft%20Total%20Media%203.5/ http://www.upd... [Read the full text]

Foreign trade business big revelation "profit&Investment review "

zenglihunter | Top News | 2013-04-17
Business model the different orientation of foreign trade business,Also means they are not the same profit model,Here we'll look at several main modes。 On platforms such as eBay sellers or platform-independent foreign trade B2C e-commerce,Its main source of income for the product price differentials,The cost of,In addition to logistics、Tax、Promotion、General aspects of artificial cost,Platform to charge its sellers such as eBay sales of around 15% point。Independent foreign trade B2C business in overseas markets and marketing costs,Occupies a large part of the .... [Read the full text]

Foreign trade business big revelation "model&Tariff review "

zenglihunter | Top News | 2013-04-16
Foreign trade business model variants probably before 2009,Electrical contractor can also be called understated profits of foreign trade industry。But after,Due to rapid expansion into,B2C has become more difficult,Obtain the flow of increasingly expensive (United States Internet advertising is very expensive,As the financial、3C category keywords,Single click on the price to as high as forty or fifty dollars,Single click on one or two dollars is very common),High marketing costs,Unit profit margin declined,Unless there is a certain scale and old users can profit。Some outside .... [Read the full text]

Foreign trade business big revelation "player&Market review "

zenglihunter | Top News | 2013-04-15
Who are major players in foreign trade business find and seize this opportunity? According to the insiders and access to information,Current market founder of larger foreign trade business,There are the following categories: 1、That people with living or studying in Europe and America。This class is not to be expected,After all, lived in Europe and the,Very easy to detect significant differences in prices between the two places。And,Because they usually have a good education and working experience in companies,Business usually specifications,Layouts and more。For example,,The Orchid Pavilion .... [Read the full text]

All the world's domain name suffix list,Domain name included with the nature

zenglihunter | Top News | 2012-10-09
1、国际顶级域 .com:Commercial organizations,Anyone can register; .edu:Educational institutions; .gov:Government departments; .int:International organizations; .mil:United States military; .net:Network organization,For example, Internet service providers and service providers,Now anyone can register; .org:Non-profit organization,Anyone can register; .biz:Commercial; .info:Network information service organization; .pro:Used for accounting、Lawyers and doctors; .name:For personal; .jobs:招聘和求职... [Read the full text]

Universal online QR code generation tool:Qrals.com

zenglihunter | Computer Skills | 2012-07-08
Qrals.com abroad an online tool to generate QR stations,Compared with domestic ones has the following characteristics: 1.Ad-free; 2.Fully functional,连地理位置和wifi都能做成二维码! 3.可以自定义二维码样式; 4.QR codes can be saved in the picture。 在线二维码生成网站Qrals.com界面 用Qrals.com生成的本文的二维码[Read the full text]
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