WdCP panels build the Magento site environment and component upgrades

zenglihunter | Magento | 2015-10-18
WdCP 1. install wget yum-y install wget 2. official RPM package installed (only for CentOS 5.x and 6.x) wget http://Down.wdlinux.CN/in/lanmp_wdcp_ins.sh sh lanmp_wdcp_ins.sh 3. default address + password spooler http://ip:8080 User name:admin,Password:Wdlinux.CN MySQL user name:root, Password:Wdlinux.CN port for safety be sure to change the background and the default password is 4. uninstall the command sh La .... [Read the full text]
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New VPS Web hosting providers、System、Panel options

zenglihunter | Magento | 2015-10-17
VPS Web hosting providers:Digitalocean taken into account there are three: digitalocean,Linode,Vultr。Under the Baidu VPS,Would anyone recommend Web hosting providers。Select Digitalocean is mainly one of its key configuration plugin,Three measuring speed,Digitalocean room in Los Angeles in my relatively fast。 Digitalocean speed address: http://Speedtest-sfo1.digitalocean.com/method to solve the Digitalocean CSS fails to load: C:\WindowsSystem32d... [Read the full text]

Magento product page to add a custom Tab

zenglihunter | Magento | 2015-09-10
First, find the Tab control product page layout control file,Each theme may be different,You can search for name=”product.info.tabs”Find the corresponding XML file,I was in appdesignfrontend theme defaultlayoutlocal.XML。 A first step,In the layout file,Looking for a front-end display location,Add custom code Tab (blue)。 <block type=”catalog/product_view_tabs” name=”pr... [Read the full text]

Magento optimized merged JS and CSS files

zenglihunter | Magento | 2015-08-04
Magento install themes,See Web site source code,There are dozens of js and CSS files,Watch mad ever!!!! The good news is that Magento comes with the ability to merge js and CSS files,Open files into single digits after the,Immediately cool the ^^ method of the world System->Configuration -> Developer figure [Read the full text]

Magento Web site URL add the SKU attribute method

zenglihunter | Magento | 2015-07-20
Url add SKU value to ensure uniqueness of URL,Avoid Magento reindexing will copy the product override the URL (URL behind the numerical index of a variable a)。 Magento URL add SKU properties worth 1. open appcodelocalMageCatalogModelUrl.php,Add $SKU = $product->getSku();And. $SKU red public function getProductRequestPath($product, $category) { if ($product->getUr... [Read the full text]

Magento categories and products URL prefix,Better SEO and statistics

zenglihunter | Magento | 2015-07-18
Magento default URL effect products:Www.yuyuhunter.com/product-name.html directory:Www.yuyuhunter.com/catalog-name/effect of optimized URL:Www.yuyuhunter.com/p/product-name.html directory:Prefix www.yuyuhunter.com/c/catalog-name/Magento URL's method copied app/code/local/Mage/Catalog/Model/Url.php file to the app/code/local/Mage/Catalog/Mod .... [Read the full text]

Magento multiple CSV bulk import plugin and download

zenglihunter | Magento | 2015-07-11
Plugin formerly known as:Import Multiple Images plugin address:http://Www.magentocommerce.com/Magento-connect/import-multiple-images.html plugin Key:http://Instructions for use connect20.magentocommerce.com/community/SSTech_Importmultipleimages plug-in: 1.All Magento need upload product images need to be uploaded to the/media/import directory,Default is no import folder,Manually create a new; 2.From Datafl .... [Read the full text]

Magento Source of error model”XX”not found for attribute”XX”

zenglihunter | Magento | 2015-07-03
Installed a few days ago a Magento theme,Conclusion that is not suitable for,Delete the installation files。Thought I was okay,Manage Categories result Magento today opened the background error: Source model “megamenu/category_attribute_source_type_style” not found for attribute “sw_cat_block_type” Under Google,Found to be installed before the theme database problems left over。Found in the database... [Read the full text]

Magento migration from the server to a local XAMPP method

zenglihunter | Magento | 2015-07-01
Debugging Magento is always on the server there is no insurance,In case of error or something is in trouble,Domestic and foreign servers to access very slow。Then migrated to Magento from the server to the local computer for XAMPP。 Migration steps: Packaging files for all Web sites on your server, and database on the export server; Running XAMPP,Web site files in the htdocs folder; Modify Magento's profile,Location at app/etc/local.XML, Modify the following data <usern... [Read the full text]

Website Service Temporarily Unavailable error solution

zenglihunter | Magento | 2015-06-26
Service Temporarily Unavailable the literal meaning is that this service is temporarily unavailable,Magento is one of the most common errors。Meet the interface estimate whole are bad,Hehe。 Problem scenario: Magento version upgrade failed; Plugin installation and upgrade failed;   Solutions: Open the Magento installation root directory,Delete the maintenance.flag file; Open the root directory of the var directory,Delete entire cache cache folder;   ... [Read the full text]
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