"Quiet You Baishu +iPod Ad" would like to see flying shadows dance, please see this video!

zenglihunter | Creative Advertising | 2011-10-29
Words flew the shadow dance? Is still up high! Very good cross-border cooperation: advertising。 Watch video passwords:Michael nice ending: [Read the full text]

Foreign tire advertising,Waiting for this moment for many years meet

zenglihunter | Creative Advertising | 2011-08-15
Keep tires for decades,No regrets,To the day of your vehicle, such as tire,Do not leave。 Foreign tire advertising screenshots [Read the full text]

Pepsi the best creative advertising,No one!

zenglihunter | Creative Advertising | 2011-08-15
Pepsi the best creative advertising,No one! Pepsi creative ads pictures:Climbing Pepsi creative ads pictures:Refuse and delicious [Read the full text]

Japan sushi-creative advertising,A daydream in close succession

zenglihunter | Creative Advertising | 2011-08-14
Not to look at the last picture really do not understand what is product ads,囧rz 广告截图[Read the full text]

"Alternative advertising abroad," Panda says "No"

zenglihunter | Creative Advertising | 2011-04-25
Video introduction: Usual Panda feels is gruff,Idle,This alternative creative advertising in foreign countries but overturns our impression of the Panda。Mr Panda in the video don't talk,Always eager Beaver suddenly says "No" friend,And remorseless use of "violence",Quite different,Interesting foreign ad video,Don't miss o(∩_∩)O~ By 幽游网 视频截图: Video enjoy: [Read the full text]
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