The Mad Max 4:Fury road HD download,Pull cool hanging fried day

zenglihunter | Film recommendation | 2015-06-28
Read in one breath of the Mad Max 4,Most direct experience is:Pull cool hanging fried day! Excitement feel than the fast and the furious 7,Adrenaline drive movies that would counter day。But it was a bit heavy and bloody,Not suitable for children and women。 Mad Max 4:狂暴之路海报 疯狂的麦克斯4狂暴之路简介 世界已崩坏,The human paradox,This is a world of blood and fire,In order to survive must all brutal fight。在无尽的荒芜沙... [Read the full text]

The oh my God aliens PK Earth God "720P HD version Download"

zenglihunter | Film recommendation | 2015-06-02
I haven't recommended movies,After reading the personal God and I have this crush: ) Both funny and meaning,India movies getting better。 Yiakron users to evaluate good:《三傻》用一种喜剧的形式批判了印度的教育制度,And the alien drunk PK Earth God is put in perspective of India more serious religious。Give five stars does not mean India beautiful movies,But like Japan and South Korea,India movie high school musical is the label,As long as the,Can make people love。更值... [Read the full text]

Sherlock + second quarter for the first quarter of the Sherlock RMVB compression downloads

zenglihunter | Film recommendation | 2012-10-21
The Sherlock is United Kingdom BBC mini drama series produced,Chinese translation of the Sherlock。Detective fans will know the show is going to talk about the famous Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes ~ the difference is this is the story of the classics in the original Sherlock Holmes stories moved to the modern stage to interpreting。 See Sherlock is due for the watercress on the score is very high,Two seasons of more than 9.0,And tens of thousands of people reviews。One of the comments said: “如果柯南道尔还活... [Read the full text]

Prometheus Prometheus HD DVD edition of Thunder download-English subtitles

zenglihunter | Film recommendation | 2012-09-11
普罗米修斯剧情简介 21世纪末,Human technology, it is a highly developed,Clone technology and space already,No longer a dream。The same time,Many scientists still perseveres recovery secrets, human origins and the truth。Through the investigation and comparison of many ancient civilizations,Scientist Elizabeth·Shaw (Noomi Rapace), and Charlie·Heluowei (Logan Marshall-Green), found,Humans are created by aliens from a distant galaxy。在Weyland公司资... [Read the full text]

The search DVD Thunder download,Cyber-bullying's tragic love story

zenglihunter | Film recommendation | 2012-07-11
The search downloads in two days after reading,Be working title wanted to see o(∩_∩)O theme is very innovative and very occasional,Network media violence of tragic love。GAO Yuanyuan in the film is really amazing, Ah ~ the search of plot description: White-collar Ye Lanqiu (GAO Yuanyuan),,On a normal morning,As an old man on the bus because there is no seat,Has completely rewritten the fate of several people implicated。Listed group boss city rich flow Shu Shen (Wang Xueqi... [Read the full text]

Jay of the inverse of the HD DVD edition of Thunder download,100%HD Jay fans will be hidden

zenglihunter | Film recommendation | 2012-03-28
Jay 100% HD DVD version of the inverse(⊙o⊙)Oh,Jay fans quickly download( ⊙ o ⊙ )吧! 逆战剧情 从小与母亲相依为命的国际安全局警察万飞 (周杰伦 饰) Military areas in depth Middle East missions,A hail of accidents,Colleague-cum-fiancée Ice (白冰 饰)Died,Wan Fei also seriously injured,Leave sequelae of dying at any time。 Wan Fei is not much time,Will leave to return home to accompany his mother。Mother hides the secret years tells Wan Fei,... [Read the full text]

The Oscar for best picture of the artist Thunder download,Silent feeling wonderful

zenglihunter | Film recommendation | 2012-03-18
Know the artist because they scored the 84th Academy Awards,Praise a。Looked really think was opened years from now to see the best of film。Fancy contemporary Director to shoot the silent films,But so good。 First silent film was when I was a child watching Charlie Chaplin movies CCTV-6 movie channel series,Super vivid and funny,Like at a glance,During that time on the weekend, time to watch television programs,A Chaplin film see note start time。... [Read the full text]

Of the three silly row Bollywood,Silly x-translation can not cover up the movie's excellent!

zenglihunter | Film recommendation | 2011-12-12
Beginning to see the three silly row Bollywood this dumb movie,Direct me to ignore,But it can not find the other interesting movies,Also found that of the three silly watercress a high score,Comment more than more than 200,000,Then download and have a look。 Very glad I didn't miss this collection of comedy after moving + deep + NB + was determined in one of the creative comedy works。Of the three silly status is the:Smile->Cry->Smile->Cry->Laugh。从来没有哪部喜剧可以让我如此感动... [Read the full text]

Of the those years together we chased the girls,Memory of youth once again!

zenglihunter | Film recommendation | 2011-12-05
Watching all those years ,We hunt with the girl first, because online piracy download,Then had seen nine knives of the Kung Fu,So little interest to Giddens,最后是因为最近老碰到国产烂片…… 看完《那些年》后,Those silent memories of school days,Sudden flood into my mind,So the surging。 Not goodbye,傻傻的逗笑…… 不再会站在窗口拿着苹果望着推车的身影…… 不再会自告奋勇的降到陌生班级补课…… 不... [Read the full text]

Conservative education of the Dead Poets Society Dead Poets Society and innovation

zenglihunter | Film recommendation | 2011-11-06
Save the dead poets society in the computer for a long time,Until today, to see。Really is a very classic film,Most touching is the end when students standing on the desk,Ignoring the President's order,Said to the teacher, was forced out:“哦!船长!我的船长! ”,Really haven't seen so I was touched by the film,Really hope that teachers and students can see the Dead Poets Society,Believe that everyone has a different touch。 死亡诗社故事简介 威尔顿预备学院以其沉稳凝重的教学风... [Read the full text]
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