Stop motion animation made boutique — Notes of the paper war

zenglihunter | Fun Video | 2012-07-26
Notes of the piece are works of graduate students majoring in communication University of China animation Academy 08 animation,Nine-month,In a fixed manner with a two dimensional synthetic production。Films are full blooded style and creativity,Especially at the end of light。This animation,Seemingly simple,Full of creativity,It is hard work。 Stop motion animation:Paper book of the wars animation information: Director: Zhe Zhang / Wang Xulong screenwriter: Type zhe Zhang: Comedy / Animation / Film producer countries/regions: China language: No dialogue .... [Read the full text]

Xiao said:Secret soccer betting inside stories

zenglihunter | Fun Video | 2012-06-16
Euro smoke "conspiracy theory," said gambling dark interpretation of the concept: Hemispheres (0.5) drew a ball lose,Transferee to win a tie/hemispheres (0.25)-0:0Or 1:1Like,For the ball to lose half,Transferee to win half of the hemisphere/a ball (0.75 in) for the ball to net win 1 goal win only half,Transferee to net a ball lost by half a goal (1 ball) ball NET wins more than one ball is needed to win if the score is 1:0Or 2:1This,Be tied,Bet refund,If it is 0:0Words,... [Read the full text]

"Eyes of financial francs:Central audit "very sharp!

zenglihunter | Fun Video | 2012-06-13
财经郎眼之《央企业审计门》 财经郎眼介绍 《财经郎眼》是广东电视台一档有鲜明郎咸平风格的聊天式新闻评论节目。And there are numerous other chat shows,The eye of financial francs towards the Pan-financial topics,Concern for people's livelihood economic events,From the people's livelihood("The economic life of the people")Let's go,Analysis of phenomena on Earth、Big or small,Seek economic interpretation of various news and personalized story,With obvious effectiveness、Huge amount of information and unique insight。... [Read the full text]

"Discover Taiwan genius" Jay article,Let you know more about Jay!

zenglihunter | Fun Video | 2011-11-16
Discover Taiwan genius Jay article [Read the full text]

Luo Yonghao 2011 speech:Story of an idealist 2

zenglihunter | Fun Video | 2011-11-03
Luo Yonghao 2011 poly Theatre Lecture(Story of an idealist II) Video screenshot [Read the full text]

"Egg pain" iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy s II fall resistance test

zenglihunter | Fun Video | 2011-10-18
United States SquareTrade Warranties Blog about new iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy s II made a fall resistance test。They have no precise measuring equipment,Is human-powered iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy s II got the street,Hit。 Results in Figure,After 3 wrestling in the use,Simple and direct results are obtained,Samsung Galaxy s II anti-fall。Experiment of the egg pain,Look at that poor little iPhone 4S,要知道刚爆料了个iph... [Read the full text]

Guangzhou CEN Cun giant UFO video-real analysis,This is a UFO season ... ...

zenglihunter | Fun Video | 2011-08-31
Circulating on the Internet of the Guangzhou CEN Cun giant UFO real video,At first glance is really,On second thought too fake,Or the brother how to unlock the true or false of the Guangzhou CEN Cun giant UFO video。 Video real is inconclusive,Look at the picture below the analysis of Guangzhou CEN Cun giant UFO truth。Click to view larger image。 Recently was a UFO-prone season. ... ... [Read the full text]

Storm strong! Men in 1 minute was struck by lightning twice but still go

zenglihunter | Fun Video | 2011-07-15
Ever been struck by lightning,But did not see a minute split two,Coke,Human touch but also learn the ropes as if nothing had happened to leave ... ... [Read the full text]

"Funny videos" HOT funny kids video highlights

zenglihunter | Fun Video | 2011-06-12
HOT funny kids videos,Wear a smile,十年少! 最新小朋友搞笑视频截图:^ _ ^ [Read the full text]

"Jay Chou" Jolin Tsai's concert in Beijing double-j-sweet combination of HD video

zenglihunter | Fun Video | 2011-05-29
Jay's voice, Jolin Tsai's concert in Beijing once again! Zhou Dongzhen to CAI students face is! Zha CAI students last year when Jay's concert in Shanghai,His voice,,Then I can see-_-|||。The double j fit more sweet o(∩_∩)O哈哈~ 双J合体视频截图: Combination of double-j live HD video: [Read the full text]
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