Site Alexa ranking software for batch queries

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2013-10-18
This software is derived from the famous SEO software ScrapeBox,Special bulk website has Alexa ranking of,怎么用就仁者见仁智者见智了^_^ 软件截图 下载地址: [Read the full text]

Protected: Sick Submitter V4 cracked version,Log available!

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2012-09-19
Sick Submitter 4 is Sick Submitter is available for the latest crack version,Previous Sick Submitter 2 crack version and Sick Submitter 3 unlimited trial version is not the。And pretty Sick Submitter 4 UI interface a lot,More powerful features。Currently supports directory、RSS、A message、Zhang Wen、Bookmark、Submitted by Forum information, such as batch,New version adds sick Hunter tools,类似之前介绍的插件Sick Scraper,But functions a lot。... [Read the full text]

English search tool:Get Article Pro hack "test available"

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2012-05-29
Get Article Pro is a very famous English search tool,Black Hat in a foreign Forum I found,Testing is the perfect break,No functional limitations。 Compared to the free version Get Article,Paid collection of passages are separate and not garbled,In addition many more widgets,One of the WordPress blog post batch publish plugin,Quite easy。 Of course the article will definitely Get Article Pro collection is the engine does not have its own collection to much,But directly to .... [Read the full text]

"ScrapeBox Alive Check" link live bulk detection tool download

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2012-04-18
Alive Check is one of ScrapeBox produced the link checker plugin,Its main function is to batch testing Web page is alive,Whether the page can be accessed by effective。与之前介绍的能够免费下载的Link Checker和dofollowtest不同,Buy ScrapeBox Alive Check is to download the plug-in,The shared version is extracted from the ScrapeBox,Can be used independently of o(∩_∩)o ~ AliveCheck的作用: AliveCheck themselves mainly in two aspects: 批量... [Read the full text]

"ScrapeBox Dofollowtest" Nofollow backlinks bulk detection tool

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2012-04-17
ScrapeBox Dofollowtest and Link Checker is SB a practical SEO Widget。Primarily used for batch testing backlink is nofollow or dofollow。Believe the statistic data of the chain is a very helpful tool。 ScrapeBox Dofollowtest运行截图 ScrapeBox Dofollowtest使用说明 1.点击“Load Target Sites”导入外链列表; 2.Connections setting the number of processes; 3.Enter the backlinks pointing to Your Website's Web site; 4.绿... [Read the full text]

"ScrapeBox Link Checker" backlinks bulk check tool download

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2012-04-16
Link Checker ScrapeBox is a very useful SEO plugin,For bulk checking backlinks the existence。Is the most recent more SEO tools,Link Checker chain after the release of the main role is to lot inspection can normally access (PS:Some outside the chain of resources only to log in to see) and count the number truly effective outside the chain of。Working principle and link checker Link Checker is the same。 Link Checker screenshot: SB Link Checker to use said.. [Read the full text]

English contents automatic submission tool:Directory Power Submitter download

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2012-03-14
Directory Power Submitter is a fully automatic English directory submission software,For new sites is a pretty good list of sites submitted to the Standing,Directory auditing is very slow ... ... Directory Power Submitter is simple to use,Disadvantage is that only a single thread。 Directory Power Submitter screenshot: Directory Power Submitter description: 1.Directory with more than 10,000 English on their own list of site resources,也可以通过替换directories.txt文件来导入自己的... [Read the full text]

Free English original tools:Articles Rewrite Assistant downloads and tutorials

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2012-03-12
English original tools is best known for the The Best Spinner (abbreviated TBS),But the charges are expensive,77 dollars a year。For some time looking for The Best Spinner cracked version,But never a cracked version is usable,If you are looking for free TBS crack version,Advise you to stop this。Come try today recommended the early known as the fortress of TBS--Articles Rewrite Assistant Assistant article rewrite。 Estimating software Chinese,Because of .... [Read the full text]

English SEO keyword combination tool,Batch generate tens of thousands of long tail keywords

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2012-03-10
SEO keyword combination tool applies only to batch build English keywords,Do not apply Yu Zhongwen (because there are spaces between words)。Fill at least 2 boxes,Up to 6 boxes ... .... Nothing better describes the,Is used to batch mix long tail words,Share to doing English SEO friends。 Show English keywords SEO keyword combination tool combination tool download: [Read the full text]

Chrome bulk saves all tab URLs + Bulk open copy URL Widget

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2012-03-08
Bulk saves all tab URLs plugin:Copy All Urls 用于一次性将所有Chrome选项卡中的网址复制到剪切板的小插件。Application specific SEO is to copy the links Web sites at once,Chain tool。Highlight is a plugin you can save the custom format。Format as in Figure: Copy All Urls downloads: 批量打开粘贴板网址... [Read the full text]
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