MADCon2011 SEO November Beijing party package presentation PPT download

zenglihunter | PPT data | 2011-11-29
It's MADCon SEO guest lecture PPT in Beijing on November 26, 2011 collection,Including: Charles:后SEO时代的出路 废小米SEO与数据分析 夫唯以百度和腾讯为创业平台的心得 渠成SEO 3.0S 王淘百度SEO指南 刑天SEO之见招拆招 看完后觉的前天极网SEO废小米的《SEO与数据分析》比较有意思O(∩_∩)O哈哈~ MADConSEO聚会演讲PPT集合: 2011MADCon嘉宾PPT集合下载地址... [Read the full text]

When dangdang SEM strategy and implementation of the information programme for PPT

zenglihunter | PPT data | 2011-09-04
This is the net a few years ago the SEM programme,Might be a little outdated but still to do PPC friends references。 The dangdang SEM strategy and implementation programme screenshots PPT: Dangdang SEM strategy and implementation plan. PPT download:Click here to download [Read the full text]

All internal training materials:The renren VS weibo PPT free download

zenglihunter | PPT data | 2011-08-25
This internal analysis one PPT is all differences between SNS and weibo modes,Total summary of competitive strategy and marketing。Feel big companies do the PPT is simple but not easy,PPT courseware you've done really sucks,Hehe。To share with a friend in need。 Everyone is V.S. Screenshot PPT of microblogging competition strategy and marketing:   The renren VS weibo PPT download:Click here to download [Read the full text]

Tencent QQ online editor of internal staff training materials PPT

zenglihunter | PPT data | 2011-08-12
In brief,The Tencent's training is to teach you how to be a qualified network editing。Believe that for many people and help,Share with everyone。We do not underestimate the work of website editor,If a website editor is very poor,For doing SEO is more difficult。Many SEO training for Department site editor,This PPT it gives you reference o QQ(∩_∩)O QQ网站编辑培训PPT截图: 腾讯网络编辑员工培训资料PPT下载地址... [Read the full text]

VANCL brand marketing strategy,Where the customer presentation PPT download

zenglihunter | PPT data | 2011-07-28
The VANCL where the customer-company training PPT,VANCL introduced the brand marketing strategy,And the prospects for future advertising strategies。Involved where the customer's brand positioning,As well as a variety of advertising and marketing strategies,For example:Traditional media marketing、Senior marketing、Cause marketing、Entertainment marketing、WOM marketing、Interactive marketing,And VANCL first published an internal survey data。 VANCL的品牌营销策略PPT截图 凡客内部品牌策略PPT下载地址:Click here to download [Read the full text]

TOM NET SEO search engine optimization Basics training PPT download

zenglihunter | PPT data | 2011-07-15
The TOM network in-house SEO Basics SEO training PPT,If you are new to SEO,That's something to see,If SEO veteran is also worthy of study。Requirements under the。 Internal SEO explained TOM screenshots PPT:     PPT download: [Read the full text]

Tencent Pat network analysis of detailed product page design and Ebay shopping process PPT

zenglihunter | PPT data | 2011-06-20
This PPT is Tencent Pat on the net work done by a product manager sharing,Main details of Ebay product detail design,C2C sites in the shopping process,And conversion problems。Which also refers to SEO,How to deal with off the shelf product page。PPT in which he mentions the off the shelf product page accounted for 70% of natural search traffic! That is the failure of most product pages to a Web site will flow。 In my actual work,Was very impressed。Many old products in Google is very .... [Read the full text]

"PPT" domestic travel website in-house SEO training information-sharing

zenglihunter | PPT data | 2011-04-25
SEO资料简介 这是国内某个知名旅游网站内部进行SEO培训时说用的PPT文件,After reading the Basic SEO Foundation can be determined to be on the staff training,Beginners can see what,Was very helpful,Focusing on the tourism Web site title,That is, Title,Written 7 strategies。 SEO资料预览 SEO资料下载 旅游网站内部SEO培训PPT资料: 千脑下载 115下载(已经失效) [Read the full text]
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