WP nofollow external links automatically plugin:Nofollow for external link

zenglihunter | WP Optimization | 2016-10-31
This WordPress plugin automatically nofollow external links,本文就是用来测试的。 插件名:Nofollow for external link function information: Automatically insert `rel=nofollow` and `target=_blank` to all the external links into your website posts, pages or menus. Support exclude domain. Just simple, if you use this plugin, rel=nofollow and target=_blank wi... [Read the full text]
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Foreign trade B2C site Alexa rank + Chinese name + flow estimates

zenglihunter | SEO Case | 2015-06-26
I have engaged in foreign trade B2C industry,Then collected some foreign trade B2C industry some of the famous sites as well as some of its attention to some of the website。Site summary of the corresponding company name comes from the peer,Others are human ^ _ ^,Hope that this table useful,Friends, which will be able to identify from secluded swim network o(∩_∩)O~ addition,Welcome to rectify and supplement ~~ 2015.6.26 updates,You always have updated,But don't come to the site。Often friends know .... [Read the full text]

Simple four-step for Google Analytics tracking spiders crawl

zenglihunter | Google Optimization | 2014-02-19
A first step,We download the packages,A directory to extract the files to your Web site(Most simply uploaded to the root directory)。 The second step,Creating a new media resource (account number can also be,No configuration file before you use/view,Tracking codes must be different,Avoid confusion affect normal Web site data analysis),New media resource ID。In view of the spider may be several times the normal PV,In order to avoid data overload,Recommends that large sites use accounts (GA limits per account per month up to 100.. [Read the full text]

Google-Alexa rank of States assembled!

zenglihunter | Google Optimization | 2013-10-17
Boring collection of Google national-Alexa rank,Interested can check out o(∩_∩)O~ 分不清网址是哪个国家的可以看《全球域名表》 Alexa 网址 1 google.com 14 google.co.in 22 google.de 25 google.co.uk 29 google.fr 31 google.com.br 36 google.co.jp 41 google.com.hk 42 google.ru 44 google.it 48 google.es 56 google.com.mx 60 go... [Read the full text]

3Steps to install Google XML Sitemaps For SAE

zenglihunter | Google Optimization | 2013-10-17
1.下载Google XML Sitemaps For SAE http://wp4sae-wordpress.stor.sinaapp.com/uploads/2011/06/google-sitemap-generator-for-sae-3.2.4.tar.gz 2.根目录下新建sitemap.php文件 代码如下: <? header(“Content-Type: text/xml;”); $url=”http://86288-wordpress.stor.sinaapp.com/sitemap.xml“; $contents=@file_get_cont... [Read the full text]

Using Google Adsense Preview tool to view keyword in national rankings

zenglihunter | Google Optimization | 2013-06-17
Google Adsense Preview tool in the official description of such a: Understanding for the specific search query,Your advertisement will appear in the search results where。In this way you can easily check the ads in the actual environment of the show,而且该工具提供的结果与 Google 搜索完全一致,While no increase impressions。 You can use this tool to view keywords in a particular country rankings,And don't bother switching VPN,哈哈~ 当然了一个一个看排名... [Read the full text]

World language abbreviation list

zenglihunter | Google Optimization | 2013-06-13
序号 英文缩写 语言 国家/地区 1 en 英语 英国 2 en-us 英语 美国 3 ar 阿拉伯语 4 ar-ae 阿拉伯语 阿拉伯联合酋长国 5 ar-bh 阿拉伯语 巴林 6 ar-dz 阿拉伯语 阿尔及利亚 7 ar-eg 阿拉伯语 埃及 8 ar-iq 阿拉伯语 伊拉克 9 ar-jo 阿拉伯语 约旦 10 ar-kw 阿拉伯语 科威特 11 ar-lb 阿拉伯语 黎巴嫩 12 ar-ly 阿拉伯... [Read the full text]
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Migrating WordPress to SAE detailed introduction

zenglihunter | WP Optimization | 2013-05-17
Thanks to this finally get a blog migration picture URL address problem,Reprint this article in case o(∩_∩)O the original address:http://Before blog.wpjam.com/article/migrate-wordppress-to-SAE/what is SAE SAE migration,Is necessary to briefly describe what is SAE。SAE's full name is Sina App Engine,Translation Sina application platform。The platform offers a number of components and facilitate the development of high performance network infrastructure,Easy on .... [Read the full text]
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United States top 10 shopping search site for 2012 third-quarter performance evaluation

zenglihunter | Google Optimization | 2013-02-02
Focusing on shopping search CPCStrategy on his blog published in the third quarter of this year United States shopping search engine result。For most of the past decade,Shopping search engine market is relatively calm and predictable,Top several Giants and a large number of small players make up the basic structure of the market。Merchants can use to give them a great flow、具有较高转化率而且是免费的谷歌购物搜索引擎(Google Product Search... [Read the full text]

IIS logging parameters details

zenglihunter | SEO optimization | 2012-12-10
IIS logging parameters analysis,He backed up down,以便不时之需^_^ date 2010-07-30 \\爬行日期 time 01:06:43 \\时间 s-sitename W3SVC1 \\服务器名称 s-computername MGL \\ 网站名称 s-ip \\网站IP cs-method GET \\获取方法 cs-uri-stem /css/rss.xslt \\文件的URL cs-uri-query \\?后面的参数 s-port 80 \\Server port( 443 Is the HTTPS port) cs-usern... [Read the full text]
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