Windows Python安装Sublist3r二级域名批量查询工具

zenglihunter | Quality software | 2018-12-04
Download Windows Python 2.7: 建议安装到C:\Python27 下载Sublist3r: 解压到C:\Python27 安装Sublist3r需要的模块: Open cmd,Enter the following command: c:\python27\python.exe -m pip install requests c:\python27\python.exe -m pip install dnspython c:\python27\python.exe... [Read the full text]

"Flashing" MIUI 8 install the Google suite of Google services Play tutorials

zenglihunter | Boutique APP | 2016-06-20
To install Google Play service due to software to run,While millet 3TD MIUI8 the Google suite is an upgrade doesn't work,Found this solution on MIUI 8 install the Google app store service article。After your test,Perfect run,Do not need brushing machine,Special share,Simple steps to get。   Google Play service installation steps need to strictly follow the steps to install the software,Otherwise do not guarantee success。 Download(droid) Hardware Info to view their .... [Read the full text]

"BlueSoleil 8.0 explains the version" computer easily connect Bluetooth speakers/headphones

zenglihunter | Quality software | 2015-04-12
Long time no update,Great Wall broadband before opening a Web page is slow,Today for China Unicom broadband feel better,Opportunity to share BlueSoleil 8.0 explains the version。 Millet millet bought a box fan day Bluetooth speaker,But Shenzhou K650D without Bluetooth,So with a Bluetooth adapter。Win7 Bluetooth drive installed,Can also receive equipment cases,Unable to connect Bluetooth speaker。 Online find many Bluetooth driver did not resolve the connection issues。唯有千月BlueSoleil软件安装好后... [Read the full text]

[Android phone]Installed software to extract Apk Extractor

zenglihunter | Boutique APP | 2014-07-15
Apk Extractor介绍 Apk Extractor可以将已经安装到手机中的软件提取成完整的Apk安装文件。Easier to backup and share with friends。In the extracted files in the ApkExtractor folder。 软件截图 软件下载地址: [Read the full text]

Millet 3 OTG was able to read multiple mobile hard disk NTFS partition

zenglihunter | Boutique APP | 2014-07-13
Millet 3 MIUI 4.7.11 Chinese access to files and directories under the new NTFS partition support。This seemingly obscure functions,That bothered me for a long time millet 3 OTG cannot read a Western Digital portable hard drive file problem solved。But come another problem,OTG can only read the HDD first partition。The remaining partitions of the method in order to read it? On the Internet for some information,And his practice,发现Signed Drive Mount这款软件能解决OTG读移动硬盘多分区的... [Read the full text]

Android PSP emulator PPSSPP game acceleration tutorial,Millet into full play

zenglihunter | Boutique APP | 2013-10-20
This article go to millet community,Introduction to the PPSSPP of the original more comprehensive (这里只截取如何设置能让psp游戏运行更流畅的部分,^ ^ I millet 1 easier to find themselves after game according to the settings below stream has substantially risen,Used to play death 7 fps remain in 25-30 frame,非常流程^o^ 设置一把小米手机的多核都调动起来 PPSSPP默认只使用单核CPU的性能但对于... [Read the full text]

FinalData easily retrieve deleted files,Especially pictures、Video and document files

zenglihunter | Quality software | 2012-11-01
FinalData easily retrieve deleted files,Especially pictures、Video and document files in the course of routine computer operations will inevitably encounter accidentally deleted files,FinalData at this time sets the time has come to。I've tried a lot of data recovery software,FinalData is the fastest scanning speed、To use a data recovery software。FinalData strongest ability to restore the picture and video files。Then you know why Edison yan Zhao door incident appears o(∩_∩)o Fina... [Read the full text]

12306.CN booking Assistant,Make it easier for train tickets

zenglihunter | Talk of feeling, Quality software | 2012-09-26
12306.cn订票助手功能介绍 在登录页面,This script will add the password logging feature and auto-login feature:   After you record your password,Will fill the next time they log on directly into,And automatically locate the verification code。Need to be reminded of is,密码是明文记录在本地存储中的,So if it's not your own computer,Not recommended records。 Please fill in the order,Sequentially fill in login name、Password and validation code,All three enter the complete,Assistant will automatically try to log on,右侧会显示相关... [Read the full text]

Micro shield instrument VwMeter-Small flow monitor suspension Windows software

zenglihunter | Quality software | 2012-09-03
With 360 guards and Jinshan Defender always are forced to start the process and cannot be ended,So never installed on their laptop at these so-called "security guard",But they also like the flow monitor floating window。Have been looking for alternatives,Tried to extract 360 as well as a number of other traffic monitoring tools,But not always satisfied。 Found by accident while cleaning up the hard disk software VwMeter this traffic monitoring tool,Try the gadget that you want under,Can perfectly replace 360 traffic suspension .... [Read the full text]

TreeSize Professional Chinese cracked version:Quick overview of file size tool

zenglihunter | Quality software | 2012-08-19
TreeSize is a fast scan disk file size software,And displayed in a tree structure。Used TreeSize can easily find those files occupy disk space,Particularly in clean mobile phone SD card file is especially useful when,Of course he still has more features o(∩_∩)o ~ TreeSize专业版截图 TreeSize汉化破解版下载地址 [Read the full text]
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