"Flashing" MIUI 8 install the Google suite of Google services Play tutorials

zenglihunter | Boutique APP | 2016-06-20
To install Google Play service due to software to run,While millet 3TD MIUI8 the Google suite is an upgrade doesn't work,Found this solution on MIUI 8 install the Google app store service article。After your test,Perfect run,Do not need brushing machine,Special share,Simple steps to get。   Google Play service installation steps need to strictly follow the steps to install the software,Otherwise do not guarantee success。 Download(droid) Hardware Info to view their .... [Read the full text]

[Android phone]Installed software to extract Apk Extractor

zenglihunter | Boutique APP | 2014-07-15
Apk Extractor介绍 Apk Extractor可以将已经安装到手机中的软件提取成完整的Apk安装文件。Easier to backup and share with friends。In the extracted files in the ApkExtractor folder。 软件截图 软件下载地址: http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=4087553877&uk=1778706570 [Read the full text]

Millet 3 OTG was able to read multiple mobile hard disk NTFS partition

zenglihunter | Boutique APP | 2014-07-13
Millet 3 MIUI 4.7.11 Chinese access to files and directories under the new NTFS partition support。This seemingly obscure functions,That bothered me for a long time millet 3 OTG cannot read a Western Digital portable hard drive file problem solved。But come another problem,OTG can only read the HDD first partition。The remaining partitions of the method in order to read it? On the Internet for some information,And his practice,发现Signed Drive Mount这款软件能解决OTG读移动硬盘多分区的... [Read the full text]

Android PSP emulator PPSSPP game acceleration tutorial,Millet into full play

zenglihunter | Boutique APP | 2013-10-20
This article go to millet community,Introduction to the PPSSPP of the original more comprehensive (http://bbs.xiaomi.cn/thread-8337211-1-1.html)这里只截取如何设置能让psp游戏运行更流畅的部分,^ ^ I millet 1 easier to find themselves after game according to the settings below stream has substantially risen,Used to play death 7 fps remain in 25-30 frame,非常流程^o^ 设置一把小米手机的多核都调动起来 PPSSPP默认只使用单核CPU的性能但对于... [Read the full text]

LimitlessRemote + gamepad + media phone into ever-changing remote control remote control

zenglihunter | Boutique APP | 2012-07-09
LimitlessRemote ever-changing remote control is a Chinese original Super cell phone remote control software,And it's free! LimitlessRemote your mobile can be gorgeous because of being:Wireless mouse、Wireless keyboard、Wireless multimedia remote control、PPT wireless pointer and wireless g-sensor game handle! And far program shutting down your computer! Mobile phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse are not rare,Introduced before the Remote Mouse can also,Limitless is characterized by containing the PPT presentation control for Remote、... [Read the full text]

"VBook 1.3 language book ad-free version of" fly built-in TTS no setting is required to listen to

zenglihunter | Boutique APP | 2012-04-24
Feeling pretty before tossing,Listening can be as simple,One-click installation vBook language books you can read txt e-book。功能跟【静读天下专业版+讯飞语音库】打造最佳TXT听书方案一文中说的一样,Automatic scrolling,And integrated fly speech library,Optional 6 voice。 语书软件功能介绍 支持多种文本编码格式,Easily supports very large files; Perfect display,Multiple display modes,Can be read,Also listen; 朗读使用内置基于科大讯飞的语音... [Read the full text]

"Quiet reading Professional Edition + fly voice library in the world" to create the best TXT listening programme

zenglihunter | Boutique APP | 2012-04-23
Part I introduces the powerful SayZzm speech software,But the personal perception of its interface a bit complicated,Progress progress and read aloud and is separated from the,When reading txt e-book,Reading progress text does not follow automatically scroll,Saved as a bookmark store is reading not reading progress,This is rather sad reminders of the T-T for the above reasons and today we again found a listening programme:Static reading world + Iflytek TTS + Fly audio library。This combination of fresh UI easy,Read the auto scroll, Reading progress is to read .... [Read the full text]

"SayZzm" best mobile reading device,Enjoy listening pleasure

zenglihunter | Boutique APP | 2012-04-22
SayZzm is a mobile reading software for Android platform,SayZzm collection calls on the air、SMS broadcast、Voice alarm clocks、Voice broadcast、Hourly chime、Listening and other functions。Personally pleasing is its hearing function,SayZzm default voice libraries for this version flew speech library,Chinese punctuation, and sound are very good,Really can achieve the perfect txt text reading,Now lies in listening to txt e-book,How cozy it is ~~~ SayZzm interface SayZzm installation instructions: Download and install the sayzzm APK primary drive .... [Read the full text]

"Remote Mouse" moment Android phone into a wireless mouse

zenglihunter | Boutique APP | 2012-04-09
Smartphones are powerful,Basically own purposes can be found in the corresponding application。This is a cell phone called Remote Mouse Wireless mouse and keyboard software,此为3.4无广告汉化破解版^^ Remote Mouse介绍 Remote Mouse是一款虚拟鼠标,Now put your beloved Android into a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard,So you can be on the sofa、In the bedroom…Touch the phone can operate a computer,No connection,非常方便! Re... [Read the full text]
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