Foreign trade B2C site Alexa rank + Chinese name + flow estimates

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  终于连载再开了,o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ 庆祝下分享猎人33卷单行班下载) HUNTER×HUNTER 33卷 台湾東立单行本下载 链接: 密码: xd4b 媒体报导日本知名漫画家富坚义博创作的少年漫画《全职猎人》近日被爆出将于2017年6月26日发售第34卷单行本的消息。Recently, a Japanese media reporters were official confirmation to Shueisha,Acknowledgment message ... [Read the full text]

[Internet] Science modify Host unlimited data,Easy Google

zenglihunter | Computer skills | 2017-03-10
Work reasons often need to look at foreign websites,And the most is the use of Google。 Rom with free VPN and there is often traffic restrictions,VPN and other agents can not modify the system by Host,Direct access to the corresponding foreign websites,high speed。 But pay attention to access Google need to use https。 This method of D from the old blog,Specific venue and his blog,He would have been updated Host file,Here only recommend favorites:) For details, please click: 2017 Google hosts ongoing update [Read the full text]
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WP nofollow external links automatically plugin:Nofollow for external link

zenglihunter | WP optimize | 2016-10-31
This WordPress plugin automatically nofollow external links,本文就是用来测试的。 插件名:Nofollow for external link function information: Automatically insert `rel=nofollow` and `target=_blank` to all the external links into your website posts, pages or menus. Support exclude domain. Just simple, if you use this plugin, rel=nofollow and target=_blank wi... [Read the full text]
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World City, State, country code country name country telephone area code list codes AT Austria Europe 43 BE Belgium Europe 32 BG Bulgaria Europe 359 HR Croatia Europe 385 CZ Czech Republic Europe 420 DK Denmark Europe 45 EE Estonia Europe 372 FI Finland Europe 358 FR France Europe 33 DE Germany Europe 49 GR Greece Europe 30 HU... [Read the full text]

"Flashing" MIUI 8 install the Google suite of Google services Play tutorials

zenglihunter | Excellent APP | 2016-06-20
To install Google Play service due to software to run,While millet 3TD MIUI8 the Google suite is an upgrade doesn't work,Found this solution on MIUI 8 install the Google app store service article。After your test,Perfect run,Do not need brushing machine,Special share,Simple steps to get。   Google Play service installation steps need to strictly follow the steps to install the software,Otherwise do not guarantee success。 Download(droid) Hardware Info to view their .... [Read the full text]

WdCP panels build the Magento site environment and component upgrades

zenglihunter | Magento | 2015-10-18
WdCP 1. install wget yum-y install wget 2. official RPM package installed (only for CentOS 5.x and 6.x) wget http://Down.wdlinux.CN/in/ sh 3. default address + password spooler http://ip:8080 User name:admin,Password:Wdlinux.CN MySQL user name:root, Password:Wdlinux.CN port for safety be sure to change the background and the default password is 4. uninstall the command sh La .... [Read the full text]
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New VPS Web hosting providers、System、Panel options

zenglihunter | Magento | 2015-10-17
VPS Web hosting providers:Digitalocean taken into account there are three: Digitalocean,Linode,Vultr。Under the Baidu VPS,Would anyone recommend Web hosting providers。Select Digitalocean is mainly one of its key configuration plugin,Three measuring speed,Digitalocean room in Los Angeles in my relatively fast。 Digitalocean speed address: to solve the Digitalocean CSS fails to load: C:\WindowsSystem32d... [Read the full text]

Siteground Web hosting experience and how the auto-renew for a refund

zenglihunter | Talk of feeling | 2015-10-17
  Siteground is the primary virtual host,One year experience: Siteground primary virtual host unable to install SSL,Google Shopping advertisement must be placed only; Siteground on spiders crawling on all virtual hosts limited(Robots.txt Crawl-delay: 10); Ftp uploading and downloading speed is surprisingly slow (I am Shenzhen, China Unicom broadband); Traffic is very small,An estimated 10,000 times a month access。Previously installed a Baidu monitor,A few days later,Website traffic is not .... [Read the full text]

Magento product page to add a custom Tab

zenglihunter | Magento | 2015-09-10
First, find the Tab control product page layout control file,Each theme may be different,You can search for name=””Find the corresponding XML file,I was in appdesignfrontend theme defaultlayoutlocal.XML。 A first step,In the layout file,Looking for a front-end display location,Add custom code Tab (blue)。 <block type=”catalog/product_view_tabs” name=”pr... [Read the full text]

Magento optimized merged JS and CSS files

zenglihunter | Magento | 2015-08-04
Magento install themes,See Web site source code,There are dozens of js and CSS files,Watch mad ever!!!! The good news is that Magento comes with the ability to merge js and CSS files,Open files into single digits after the,Immediately cool the ^^ method of the world System->Configuration -> Developer figure [Read the full text]
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