Music private sharing

Always wanted to build your own music list,Record yourself at different times like the music。Based on the objective to create the "private sharing of music" page,Music host memory inhabits this。

Chinese song:

  1. Of all the Jay Chou songs ^ _ ^ ♥
  2. Soda Green:What do you worry about
  3. Eason Chan:Building blocks
  4. Wang Lee Hom:Still in love with you
  5. Nanquan mother:When I was young - Vanilla puff - New York - Home
  6. Yu Quan:My city my youth (MV
  7. May day:Starry sky(MV)
  8. Pepe:Tick Tock (MV
  9. Baihao Zhou & Yung cheng:Nothing at all (MV


Foreign songs:

  1. Monobright : 孤独の太阳 (MV)
  2. Lenka : The Show (MV)
  3. Kou shibasaki : 无形Spirit (MV)
  4. 3OH!3 : DOUBLE Vision (MV)
  5. Ya the middle age/Happy Valley beauty beauty : まげてのばして(MV)
  6. Namie Amuro :YEAH-OH(MV
  7. Kumaki Anri:Wind into the memory (MV


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