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Sony digital products quick service center in Shenzhen huaqiang North Branch

Service call:0755-83017078

Service address:
Stars Plaza, Futian District, Shenzhen huaqiang North A2108、A2109
(Zip code:518028)

Train tickets Brush tool:12306 Booking Assistant 1.3.9


Shenzhen enterprises business information:


Hunan distributed identity cards to handle the Shenzhen Office:

No. 2019 dongmen, Luohu district, Shenzhen Furong hotel, first floor of the back door

Huizhou, Shenzhen Office
Corner to build a road, huicheng district, Huizhou, Shenzhen, 2nd
0752-2211058 2211519

Shenzhen manholes at the service point
New road, shajing town, Baoan district, Shenzhen, Triangle Park



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