Android PSP emulator PPSSPP game acceleration tutorial,Millet into full play

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This article go to millet community,Introduction to the PPSSPP of the original more comprehensive ( Only interception set up can get PSP games run smoother parts,^ ^ I millet 1 easier to find themselves after game according to the settings below stream has substantially risen,Used to play death 7 fps remain in 25-30 frame,Process ^o^

Setting up a:Multi-core mobilized phone

PPSSPP default is limited to a single core CPU performance,But for the two of us and quad phone,Compared to single-core performance,Use multi-core will make PSP game speed boost。PPSSPP calls the multi-core CPU is open as follows,First of all, do not load the game (because when you load the game,This option is not selectable),Then check in the system "experimental multi-threaded":

Attention,From "experimental" three words you know,This feature is still in Beta stage,Thus may not apply to all games,Specific performance may have the following side effects:

1.Part of the game will occasionally blink (blink rate is very low), the screen
2.Some games may crash,Especially when the speed control of limited-speed

If the game doesn't run correctly,You can try to turn off this feature。

Set two:Cancel rendering

We both know that,Rendering can greatly add to the quality,Can not open it,Nature is not open for good,So as long as checked in the rendered image → mode → mode non-buffered rendering,Can significantly speed。

Yes, sure,Select non-buffered rendering may cause some games cannot be shown correctly,Proposed re-election buffered rendering。But try not to choose "to buffer frame data is loaded into memory (CPU)" and "will be loaded into memory buffer frame data (GPU)",Because these drag on speed are very obvious。

Set of three:Close the texture scaling

Texture scaling is a drag on big speed,Need image → texture scaling the high level is set to Off and close the color fusion:

Set of four:Enable dynamic recompilation and fast memory access

Check the dynamic recompilation and fast memory can significantly speed,The two switch in system simulation:

Note that is,Fast memory access features are still in Beta stage,May cause the game to crash,If the game crashes,You can try to turn off this feature

Set of five:By forcing the full frame speed

Forcing full-frame functionality such as 3D games like God of speed-increasing significantly,You can image → → force up to 60 FPS frame rate control to open it:

Set of six:Open frame-skipping

Frame rate control → images → skip frames in the frame skip setting to automatically be on the speed of the game has played a role in。Yes, sure,Better speed-increasing plan is determined according to the number of frames to skip frames if the game speed is 30 FPS,You can jump inside the frame is set to an even number (2、4、6、8);If the speed of the game is 60 FPS,Frame skip setting the number of odd is preferred (1、3、5、7):

Note:Can override → images → number of frames display the FPS counter shows the current game:

Set of seven:Enable hardware geometric transformation and vertex buffers

Open hardware and geometric distortions in the image → attribute, as well as vertex buffers can bring a small speed improvement,But very few games can close these two options is faster:

Set of eight:Close the Atrac3+ decoder

Closed open Atract3+ in the sound decoder to a small speed boost,But at the same time will let you listen to most of the game's background music:

Set of nine:Closes log

Logging also has little effect on speed,However this feature hides a little deeper,You need to enter the system in turn → Developer Tools

You can find it and close the:


Death:Heat the soul 7 English version download:



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