Product pictures should add Nofollow? Nofollow will you include?

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You always add Nofollow to the picture properties,Would influence the picture included there has always been doubt,Today under careful analysis came to the conclusion that:NofollowThe pictures will not be included。Specific points are,Click on a picture to enter the b picture (magnifying a picture),If a picture added NOFOLLOW attributes,Pictures of the nofollow link to b a label,B pictures will not be crawled,Will not be included,But a picture will be crawled and indexed。

Think carefully, you should be able to expect,But not sure。Today is the Google site command in the picture carefully read the following Web site contains pictures only to find,Finds included the narrow set of product images,Use Google image "custom size",Further identification is included directly out of product images,Link past the original pictures are not to be included。Then look at the Web log,Found the Google spider is crawling display pictures,Linked pictures in the past because of nofollow no grabbing!

It must be said that was a serious own mistakes,So nofollow off pictures,Led picture included a lot less,Natural image SEO traffic losses a lot,Immediately cancel the picture the nofollow attribute。There is also e-commerce Web site universal pictures included more than,Than others such as portal sites,O(∩_∩)O haha ~,This should be the natural advantages of e-commerce website,Born with so many product images。

Find Google's image search is getting stronger,Can determine not only the picture's tone,Find now also recognise faces and pictures,Maybe,Not long before Google really fully understand the content of the,Pictures cheat SEOer beware,O(∩_∩)O haha ~

How to search for a site photo included please look at the pictures ^ _ ^:


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  1. 青年图摘 2012-05-14 at 2:45 PM Reply

    我和好奇 怎么样才能把图片nofollow掉呢? 有批量的工具没 我的站用的全是外部的图片链接 不希望搜索引擎抓取 这样是不是能集中点权重呢?求教了

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  2. hello 2011-06-14 at 11:03 AM Reply

    好文章!顺便问一下贵博客使用的html sitemap插件叫什么呢?

    1. This secluded swimming 2011-06-14 at 9:08 PM Reply


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