"Flashing" MIUI 8 install the Google suite of Google services Play tutorials

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To install Google Play service due to software to run,While millet 3TD MIUI8 the Google suite is an upgrade doesn't work,Found this solution on MIUI 8 install the Google app store service article。After your test,Perfect run,Do not need brushing machine,Special share,Simple steps to get。


Google Play service installation steps

Need to strictly follow the steps to install the software,Otherwise do not guarantee success。

  1. Download(droid) Hardware Info to view their phone's processor architecture(processor architecture)And pixel density(DPI),My millet 3TD 480 DPI, The ARMv7 architecture。
  2. Installation Googleserviceframework,Google services framework。Android4.4 and 6.0 versions,5.0Installing Android 4.4。
  3. Installation GoogleAccountManager,Google account manager,Also in two versions,Does not require special processing。
  4. Installation GooglePlayservice,GooglePlay services,Recommendations after the installation is complete restart the phone。
  5. Installation GooglePlaystore,Google's app store,After installation do not open。
  6. VPN installation and run,Home and dry,Login to Google account。


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    小米5 MIUI8此时最新版本, 测试失败


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