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自从看了国平对nofollow的文章后,Yourself is a basic idea of nofollow。Personal understanding,Nofollow is more from the station to guide the spiders to crawl。Himself on the company's Web site a large number of applications the nofollow tag,Under a small summary。

新站在优化好之前一直是用robots屏蔽掉了所有的搜索引擎蜘蛛,But once basic optimization,Began to let spiders crawl。This means that,In Spider opening crawl when the new station,Many pages are nofollow。UseWeb Log Explorer cracked versionObserve a month of Web log,Found be nofollow out of starting a page,From beginning to end is not Google's spiders,Of course are not indexed by Google。

但有一次做网站sitemap的时候,Accidentally contains several start pages by nofollow,After you submit the sitemap to Google,Found the Google spiders crawl these nofollow page,And after I use this sitemap to delete,Google will have access to these nofollow page,And are included。

由此自己推断,Start pages by nofollow,When there are no other dofollow link entry,Google is definitely not going to crawl these nofollow page。Nofollow dofollow links page has other entrance,Google will crawl and indexed pages。So in other words,Added nofollow tags from the outset blog outside the chain,Does not Google crawl,Is not attracted to the role of Spider。

扩展开,So want to let Google crawl included,But does not want to transfer weight can add nofollow is not at the beginning of the page indexed by Google crawled successfully, then add nofollow。For example:Many foreign trade stood at the bottom of the tab a to z product will could do that。Because this page is usually linked,There is no ranking,Just to the product page a portal,For product page included。In the products tab is included to add nofollow tag,Avoids the weight dispersion,Can still guarantee for product page included the effectiveness of。


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