On mobile phones and computers merge fast seeding! MV method for downloading files

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On mobile phones and computers merge fast seeding! MV download file on the phone with the Android version fast seeding after watching video is downloaded to the mobile phone under the p2pcache folder of the SD card,And is a single 10Mb! MV file。These cached files fast play fast play is Android version will not be merged like the PC version of fast play,Take for granted will not be able to use any other player,Only use mobile phones fast play to see。

It's quite uncomfortable,Files are downloaded,Don't let go their way? That's not cool! So,Is there a way to make fast-multicast cache file merger? Looking for a very long time,Finally found two ways to combine fast play files。Share with everyone next o(∩_∩)O HA HA

One、Merge fast play cache files on mobile phones

1.Install "visual aid. APK" and UC8.2 or later;


2.System to 2.2 and above,Have root permissions;

3.Open the "video assistant" click Update list,List shows broadcast in the network tasks files,Click the video name start the p2pcache service;

4.Long press the video name,Choose to download with UC,Pop-up UC interface,Download complete merger。

PS:This is not true download,Just combine the video,Offline operation。Only 100% caching of the video you can merge。

Two、Merge fast play cache files on the computer

1.Download "file merging tools. exe";


2.DLL will continue seeding the cache on a computer hard drive; 3.Cache file number 1-9! MV file,A leading 0,That is, XX.avi_1.!MV to XX.avi_01.!MV;

3.Select all cache files and drag it into the file merge tool。
PS:If this file merging tool "Add file" you can only add one file,Support drag and drop files。

4.Choose Save the file path,Click the "multiple files"。

PS: This software will immediately prompt completion of the merger,But actually just started merging files,Safe side not to shut down the software。When merging files with total size of the cache file and merge the file size when no change,Congratulations to merge is successful ^ ^

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