"ScrapeBox Dofollowtest" Nofollow backlinks bulk detection tool

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ScrapeBox Dofollowtest andLink CheckerSB is a practical SEO gadget。Primarily used for batch testing backlink is nofollow or dofollow。Believe the statistic data of the chain is a very helpful tool。

Run ScrapeBox Dofollowtest screenshots

ScrapeBox Dofollowtest instructions for use

1.Click the "Load Target Sites" import a list of links;

2.Connections setting the number of processes;

3.Enter the backlinks pointing to Your Website's Web site;

4.Green represents dofollow,Red for nofollow,Black N/A for not finding backlinks。

ScrapeBox Dofollowtest download



"ScrapeBox Link Checker" backlinks bulk check tool download Link Checker ScrapeBox is a very useful SEO plugin,For bulk checking backlinks the existence。Is the most recent more SEO tools,Link Checker chain after the release of the main role is to lot inspection can normally access (PS:Some outside the chain of resources only to log in to see) and count the number truly effective outside the chain of。Link Checker的工...
After the new practice,A little view of the nofollow 自从看了国平对nofollow的文章后,Yourself is a basic idea of nofollow。Personal understanding,Nofollow is more from the station to guide the spiders to crawl。Himself on the company's Web site a large number of applications the nofollow tag,Under a small summary。 新站在优化好之前一直是用robots屏蔽掉了所...
WP nofollow external links automatically plugin:Nofollow for external link This WordPress plugin automatically nofollow external links,本文就是用来测试的。 插件名:Nofollow for external link 功能资料Automatically insert `rel=nofollow` and `target=_blank` to all ...
Product pictures should add Nofollow? Nofollow will you include? You always add Nofollow to the picture properties,Would influence the picture included there has always been doubt,Today under careful analysis came to the conclusion that:Nofollow掉的图片是不会被收录的。Specific points are,Click on a picture to enter the b picture (magnifying a picture),If a picture added NOFOLLOW attributes,Pictures of the nofollow link to b a label,B pictures will not be crawled,也就不...

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