"VBook 1.3 language book ad-free version of" fly built-in TTS no setting is required to listen to

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Feeling pretty before tossing,Listening can be as simple,One-click installation vBook language books you can read txt e-book。Function"Quiet reading Professional Edition + fly voice library in the world" to create the best TXT listening programmeArticle says,Automatic scrolling,And integrated fly speech library,Optional 6 voice。

Language book software features

  1. Supports a variety of text encoding formats,Easily supports very large files;
  2. Perfect display,Multiple display modes,Can be read,Also listen;
  3. Read using the built-in speech synthesis technology based on HKUST to fly。Beautiful voice and smooth。6Kinds of vocal selection,Adjustable speed。
  4. You can use system comes with the TTS speech engine,Svox Classic Chinese voice package。
  5. Automatically save bookmark,Background music。
  6. Automatic reading,Sleep timer reading,Automatic stop speaking;
  7. 手势和快捷键支持,For a while…

Language interface screenshots

VBook 1.3 language book ad-free version download:



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