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End of Baidu Home effects,Site page rank

zenglihunter | Baidu optimization | 2011-08-11
Since Baidu in a quiet tour pages in the net after,Has not to any page in the Web site rankings。Should have keywords to page ranking in Baidu ranking is Home,And very low flow。This may be a legend in the Baidu Home effects。 Baidu Home effects,Online statement summarized under the three-point: A problem with the page structure of the site; Website weight enough; Sites outside the chain is too small。 But on the issue of the three points in what seems close to the edge,Like a fortune teller。 As you travel the net .... [Read the full text]

Hunter x Hunter full time Hunter booklet 28-volume Japanese version download

zenglihunter | Comic download | 2011-07-29
This booklet for latest Hunter 28 full-time volume Japanese version,There is no Eastern State Publishing House of the Chinese version。Their plate found in Kunlun City Hunter commune,Now share with you。Wonder how Kunlun is search engine optimization so bad,Estimates are completely by word of mouth。Also,Basically the older Hunter Fan,Should go to Kunlun ^^ full-time hunters of the Hunter x Hunter 28 volumes cover:   Full-time Hunter booklet of the Hunter x Hunter 28-volume Japanese version download:... [Read the full text]
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How to determine the relevance of Web pages and queries

zenglihunter | SEO optimization | 2011-07-19
Articles from the Google Blackboard,Is very authoritative information,See benefits,Special reprint,For later review。 We are to find on "the application of Atomic Energy" a page, for example。Our first step is to find in the index the page containing the three words。Any search engine contains hundreds of thousands of and even now millions of related somehow to a page。So what should come in the front? Obviously we should be based on a page and query "the application of Atomic Energy" dependency sort on these pages。Therefore,... [Read the full text]

TOM NET SEO search engine optimization Basics training PPT download

zenglihunter | PPT data | 2011-07-15
The TOM network in-house SEO Basics SEO training PPT,If you are new to SEO,That's something to see,If SEO veteran is also worthy of study。Requirements under the。 Internal SEO explained TOM screenshots PPT:     PPT download: [Read the full text]

"Windows7 start button" power management operation has nothing to do,100% solutions

zenglihunter | Computer Skills | 2011-06-29
Optimize my PC master finding unrelated to click the Start button under options only log out and switch user,Very worried,Found several solutions (many are direct reload,Embarrassed),Found this method is 100% of problems unrelated to the win7 start menu options,Share,Hoping to help people with the same problem。 Screenshot problem: Unrelated to win7 machine,Reset options operation steps: Start--Run--Gpedit.msc--user configuration – administrative templates--the taskbar and... [Read the full text]

"SEO tool" file comparison tools:Beyond Compare hack download

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2011-06-17
Beyond Compare is a powerful file compare tool,Is a rare secondary SEO optimization tool,Supports regular expressions。See screenshot you can safely download,Absolutely true hack pro。 Beyond Compare official description: Beyond Compare is a file and folder tools。It can help you find and coordinate the source code、Folder、Differences between images and data,Even including zip files or files on the FTP site。It also can be used with .... [Read the full text]

"Optimizing log" summary of recent optimization and SEO statistics tool recommendation

zenglihunter | SEO optimization | 2011-06-11
On April 22 for the record after a successful,Web site an article a day, there has been updates,Because site information is not very big,Obtained from the search of the daily traffic was not,Is currently hovering around 10 IP。Now included in Google and Baidu's data,"You swim" the word ranking,Under the summary。 By the site itself 2011.6.11 the page data: Number of articles: 61; Directory number: 10; Number of labels:266; Page number page: 2; Total number of pages:339 Baidu data: 总... [Read the full text]

"115 Web site" user level less than 5 cannot share files solutions

zenglihunter | Top News | 2011-06-06
115 Web recently do not know what causes sudden user level less than 5 cannot be restriction-free share files,But previously shared file can be shared and renewal,If they stop, we will not be able to share files again。 At a glance,Feeling unable to share files,Unable to let others download the file。But it is not,After you upload the file,Click here to download,Loading the page is a file download page,The shared file pages the same as before,Display file status is "not a total .... [Read the full text]

"SEO e-book," the official Chinese version of the Google search engine optimization Starter Guide download

zenglihunter | SEO eBook | 2011-06-04
The Google search engine optimization Starter Guide is published by the official Google SEO guide,First English Edition,Google's Chinese team after translation into Chinese。This guide is undoubtedly one of seoer must-watch information,If you haven't seen,赶紧下载吧! 中文版截图: The official Chinese version of the Google search engine optimization Starter Guide download:Click here to download [Read the full text]

After the new practice,A little view of the nofollow

zenglihunter | SEO optimization | 2011-05-30
自从看了国平对nofollow的文章后,Yourself is a basic idea of nofollow。Personal understanding,Nofollow is more from the station to guide the spiders to crawl。Himself on the company's Web site a large number of applications the nofollow tag,Under a small summary。 新站在优化好之前一直是用robots屏蔽掉了所有的搜索引擎蜘蛛,But once basic optimization,Began to let spiders crawl。This means that,在蜘蛛一开抓取新站的... [Read the full text]
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