Day: Creative Advertising

"Quiet You Baishu +iPod Ad" would like to see flying shadows dance, please see this video!

zenglihunter | Creative Advertising | 2011-10-29
Words flew the shadow dance? Is still up high! Very good cross-border cooperation: advertising。 Watch video passwords:Michael nice ending: [Read the full text]

Foreign tire advertising,Waiting for this moment for many years meet

zenglihunter | Creative Advertising | 2011-08-15
Keep tires for decades,No regrets,To the day of your vehicle, such as tire,Do not leave。 Foreign tire advertising screenshots [Read the full text]

Pepsi the best creative advertising,No one!

zenglihunter | Creative Advertising | 2011-08-15
Pepsi the best creative advertising,No one! Pepsi creative ads pictures:Climbing Pepsi creative ads pictures:Refuse and delicious [Read the full text]

Japan sushi-creative advertising,A daydream in close succession

zenglihunter | Creative Advertising | 2011-08-14
Not to look at the last picture really do not understand what is product ads,囧rz 广告截图[Read the full text]
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