Day: Quiet You Baishu

The quiet You Baishu Hong Kong Chinese in the world HD 1-19-volume complete works of 115 Web download

zenglihunter | Comic download | 2012-05-05
Quiet You Baishu there really is classic,Comics fans will be one of the! Chinese version of this Edition for the publishing house in the world,Shared than before you You Baishu Taiwan East comic higher picture resolution,Volume 2G o(∩_∩)O ~ quiet You Baishu Hong Kong version information: Comic name: You name You Baishu: Fu Blue Jay fair press: All text: Chinese resolution: PNG high 2200 pages scanned:C.C cover shots deep You Baishu Hong Kong version of the download address: [Read the full text]

You You Baishu archives of full color Hong Kong Chinese version 2 download

zenglihunter | Comic download | 2011-12-07
The quiet You Baishu full archive is full color TV Special Edition,Total of 2 volumes are packed into a compact bag。You You Baishu archives of full color image is from the TV set,Richard fine,But better ^ _ ^ you tour fans will always feel the original Tibetan books ~ the archives of quiet You Baishu completely No.1 cover you You Baishu archives Hong Kong Chinese HD Edition download: [Read the full text]

You You Baishu Comics Vol volume 01-19 Taiwan East HD full version download

zenglihunter | Comic download | 2011-12-06
Hunter recently serialised in the open,Always pay attention to it,Share the latest Hunter manga download。But how do you say this site is called deep travel network,So today share the high quality of the quiet You Baishu East Chinese version complete to manmi collection。 Verycd has long been the quiet You Baishu version complete,But the download speed is slow,So in 115 found,Found this nice resource,This quiet You Baishu comic Vol01~19 volume 1.58GB,Absolute quality,Rest assured that everyone downloads。 Other than that,One... [Read the full text]

Togashi Yoshihiro's early collection of short comic East of the Wolf, I love you HD Edition download

zenglihunter | Comic download | 2011-11-19
FJ short story collection "werewolf I love you" Introduction "Werewolf I love you" is mainly a collection of Yoshihiro Togashi's early short comic collection,The spiraled fastball short won a Japan hand view award,In addition the supernatural detective feels like the quiet You Baishu prototype,And we think it's great。而《夸张的生日礼物》可以看出富坚义博一开始就是个电动迷……整个短篇集可以看做是FJ为后来的《幽游白书》做的热身^_^ 富坚义博短篇集目录 狼人我爱你 灵异侦探团1... [Read the full text]

"Quiet You Baishu +iPod Ad" would like to see flying shadows dance, please see this video!

zenglihunter | Creative Advertising | 2011-10-29
Words flew the shadow dance? Is still up high! Very good cross-border cooperation: advertising。 Watch video passwords:Michael nice ending: [Read the full text]

Quiet You Baishu four leading super cute animated GIF picture collection and introduction

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2011-07-12
The quiet You Baishu is one of my favorite comics,Compared with the same period cartoons,Greatest features is its Comic characters of the four main characters are portrayed fairly in stereo,Flat characters suddenly appear on the。Today to share with you the next you visit white book of the four leads in GIF format of dynamic MoE map o(∩_∩)O haha ~ first of all was my favorite quiet You Baishu role-Fly Ying (there flew the shadow fan here ^ ^), shadow,Born in Glacier country,Is a male koorime and drop,In order to survive kept Rob .... [Read the full text]

Japan actress asami Ma love Fu Yi Bo masterpiece of the Hunter

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2011-06-01
Japan actress beauty ゆ tiptoe(Asami)Mentioned in his blog just before love togashi Yoshihiro comic HUNTERxHUNTER(Hunter),Though it may be as a result of rich Blue Jay draft too seriously,Has to catch up on the progress she has now changed to another Blue Jay rich and famous comic of the quiet You Baishu。 I do not know how to comment on the two fish-rich enough work,But, according to Ma Mei ゆ tiptoe(Asami)Views,She thinks of the HUNTERxHUNTER(Hunter)Better looking than you swim,... [Read the full text]

You visit the domain name YuYuHunter the origin of the

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2011-05-31
They travel on the origins of the domain name,Have always wanted to write,But not being able to write,So write now-_-||| At first glance this domain is really baffling,Kinda long,Hard to remember。But for people who like comics,Well remember。Because the domain name is the English name comes from two comic,English name of the bunch is quiet You Baishu of the YuYu Hakusho;Another is the Hunter,Hong Kong version of translation for full-time hunters,Its English name is Hunter x Hunter。不难看出... [Read the full text]

The fleeting images you visit Bai Shufei shadow fan

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2011-05-09
Fleeting image,Is his freshman year to write an article about you You Baishu four-one of the main characters flying shadow fan。Remember when is a newcomer to the class entered the school at the request,You must write an article,To journal feed-__-|||,Last is certainly didn't choose,Course on the College vision is published ... ...,But always felt that the fleeting image is write very good article,Have always liked。Then swim in the quiet nest,Quiet You Baishu bar,Fly Ying posted it three places but,都被加精... [Read the full text]
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