Day: Exclamation point

Jay Chou MV HD download 1080P of the piano injury + online video trailer

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2012-07-15
Jean hurt - Online for HD MV Jay MV1080P of the piano hurt HD download: http://115.MV MV film trailer music com/file/c2wkv7e1 harp injury injury synopsis MV Jay embodiment in medieval gentleman perfumers,Lara LARA is a ship's blue classical beauty,Perfumers Jay playing with "ship in a bottle" style perfume,After smelling mysterious fragrance into the perfume bottle in the temporal and spatial,Met on the boat playing Lara,Two people attract each other、Sweet dance,But every time .... [Read the full text]

Jay how do you do full MV HD watch and download online address

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2011-12-08
Introduce the Hello MV: Jay Chou new album 2011 exclamation marks latest lyric of the song how do you do a complete edition of MV! Jay playing aside MoE breath,And sweet talk to young emotion,Hey、Play video games。 In December, two years ago in the United States when they film the Green Hornet,Jay seen L.A. streets fill the air with a strong spirit of Christmas,Concept of mind as soon as the birth of the new MV,Despite the song not the birth,He was then Taiwan's team flew to L.A.,While filming the free shot some pictures .... [Read the full text]

Jay of the goddess of the super car HD MV full version download,Cars and girls ^-^

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2011-11-30
Super car girl MV full version of Jay Chou new album 2011 the latest flagship of the exclamation point the supercar goddess HD full version MV~! This Jay music, Fang Wenshan lyrics,MV to be found in a number of beautiful mirror,And Jay's collection of ultra cool sports car mirror。Selling cute MV ~ super car Super car HD screenshots goddesses MV download Standard Edition download: 1080P HD version .... [Read the full text]

Jay November 11, 11 11 new album release of the exclamation points!!!

zenglihunter | Music album | 2011-11-11
Rare moment of hit singles Jay's 11th album, exclamation marks,,Holiday gift was Jay fan huh ^ _ ^ see the official website says of the exclamation point placed above 100,000,Because it is too hot a lot of fans of the book could not get that order in a single day。 Hope JAY this album sell,Damn shame themselves as 10 JAY fans have never purchased one of JAY's albums,And Qi Li Xiang, after not buying had genuine albums。Have no way,Only one MP3 ... ...,所以周杰伦... [Read the full text]
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