Day: Batch change file name

File management tool Total Commander 8.0 landscaping enhanced crack download

zenglihunter | Quality software | 2011-12-10
Total Commander 8.0 features a lot of very powerful,Billed as the world's most powerful document management software! In a recent collection of articles by,切身体会了一把TC的彪悍^_^ 其实在大学的时候就看到好多论坛推荐这款NB的软件,But then after downloading it is not like Total Commander interface,So useless。Recent pressure on work requirements and with flying time of new version of Total Commander 8.0,感觉界面比Total Commander默认的漂... [Read the full text]

Tools that support regular expressions to rename "MOP named" green version

zenglihunter | SEO Software, Quality software | 2011-11-18
Locomotives collection articles to Html when saving,File name is an ID number,Like this:"You swim _1986.Html",This ID small tail is redundant,But in the engine can not set to remove the ID,Therefore only rely on batch renaming tool。 Previously recommended a batch tool to modify the file name:RefilesName,But does not support regular expressions,Will not be able to meet the needs of bulk delete the engine ID number。This time on the more powerful naming tools--a MOP named debut。Drag .... [Read the full text]

Features awesome bulk file renaming tool:Bulk-Rename-Utility

zenglihunter | Quality software | 2011-08-05
Before introducing a small batch renaming software RefilesName,This introduction is abnormal function of awesome bulk file renaming tool Bulk-Rename-Utility! Bulk-Rename-Utility should be free of foreign software (how could it feel good software is outside the?),But the interface has been finished in Chinese ^ ^。 See Bulk-Rename-Utility interface you can feel the power of its function,But the interface is not too beautiful,This is free software has always been foreign feature,Simple and .... [Read the full text]

Software bulk changes file name "RefilesName" Green Free Edition download

zenglihunter | SEO Software, Quality software | 2011-07-02
Computers how many will want the bulk of the file changes the file name or file name extension,The file name of the RefilesName this little gem when bulk modifying software debut。RefilesName unpacked size of only 212KB,And only RefilesName.exe an executable file。RefilesName bulk modify the folder (including subfolders) all file names,Of course, you can batch change file extension。I usually use RefilesName to batch modify .... [Read the full text]
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