Day: Search engine algorithms

Google's official interpretation of the site being punished and recovery methods

zenglihunter | Google Optimization | 2012-07-25
About violate Google Webmaster guidelines introduction to algorithms and manual processing:Understanding algorithm violate Google Webmaster guidelines and the manual processing of different,Requesting reconsideration of your site in different situations [Read the full text]

How search spiders crawl the entire Internet using graph theory

zenglihunter | SEO optimization | 2011-07-25
This time we introduce graphs and Internet tool for automatic download Web crawler (Web Crawlers) The relationship between the。Last time we talked about how to build a search engine's index,What about how to automatically download all the pages of the Internet,It will use to traverse in graph theory (Traverse) Algorithm。 Graph theory's origins can be traced back to the great mathematician Leonhard Euler (Leonhard Euler)。1736 Euler's year came to Germany Gothic Nisborg (Konigsberg,Home of philosopher Immanuel Kant,Now Russia's Kaliningrad),... [Read the full text]

Search engines index the Web page stage of application of Boolean algebra

zenglihunter | SEO optimization | 2011-07-22
World there can be no simpler than binary counting method,Can not have Bibble simpler operations。Although each search engine today claim how smart、How intelligent,In fact essentially escaped Boolean box。 Boolean (George Boole) Is the 19th century United Kingdom of an elementary school math teacher。No one thinks he is he mathematician。Boolean in spare time,Likes to read mathematical works、Thinking about mathematical problems。1854 年“思维规律”(An Invest... [Read the full text]

"Search engine algorithms" Google Google engineer how to interpret Page Rnak

zenglihunter | SEO optimization | 2011-07-20
The original topic:《谈 Page Rank – Google 的民主表决式网页排名技术》 由Google工程师吴军发表于 2006年2月27日 大家可能听说过,Google's revolutionary invention was called the "Page Rank" algorithm in ranking Web pages,This technology completely solves the problem of sorting search results。Actually first attempted to sort the many websites on the Internet are not Google。Yahoo! 公司最初第一个用目录分类的方式让用户通过互联网检索信息... [Read the full text]

How to determine the relevance of Web pages and queries

zenglihunter | SEO optimization | 2011-07-19
Articles from the Google Blackboard,Is very authoritative information,See benefits,Special reprint,For later review。 We are to find on "the application of Atomic Energy" a page, for example。Our first step is to find in the index the page containing the three words。Any search engine contains hundreds of thousands of and even now millions of related somehow to a page。So what should come in the front? Obviously we should be based on a page and query "the application of Atomic Energy" dependency sort on these pages。Therefore,... [Read the full text]
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