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The Smurfs The Smurfs movie DVD Thunder download,Another interesting movie

zenglihunter | Film recommendation | 2011-10-06
相信80后的都应该知道这群快乐活泼的蓝色小家伙——蓝精灵。These three words may be after the common imprint,估计在现在的小朋友们心中只有蓝猫吧…… 跟《变形金刚3》一样,Everyone's childhood memories of this kind of movie is movie,Don't care too much about the plot or something,Just as a memory of his childhood was good,呵呵 若电影版的《蓝精灵》要有个副标题的话,I think it should be:Blue Moon/Blue Moon。影片中的蓝月亮... [Read the full text]

Transformers 3:When the dark Moon DVD subtitles clear Edition of Thunder download

zenglihunter | Film recommendation | 2011-10-06
During the national day and finally there is the DVD version of Transformers 3 download,Download back,100%Clear,Is looking for a clear version of the Transformers 3 friends take advantage of the resources available to download! See such Hollywood movies do not have too much plot,Special effects color would be nice,Just think actress before a beautiful ... ... Transformers 3:Transformers: Dark of the Moon story synopsis: Dating back more than 50 years ago,From a saibotan spaceship crashed on the Moon,Sparked by the US-Soviet .... [Read the full text]

Multiple personality in the fatal ID kill film classics,With HD Thunder DVD download

zenglihunter | Film recommendation | 2011-08-30
Recent,Of the deadly ID,A classic film about the killing of multiple personality。Blend of suspense,Terror,Reasoning and other elements,Is a bit hard to understand movies,Need to finish more than once to feel the movie it's impeccable logic and perfect foreshadowing。Definitely worth watching classic movies。 《致命ID》影片简介 一个典型而又引人入胜的悬疑故事:A motel,Lived in a 10 man,Among them are the drivers、Prostitute、Has-been actress、Couples、Police detective and his prisoner,还... [Read the full text]

Kung Fu Panda 2 DVD clear Edition of Thunder download

zenglihunter | Film recommendation | 2011-08-21
功夫熊猫2内容简介 终于当上了“神龙大侠”的熊猫阿宝可谓过上了梦想中的日子,He and Shifu and the furious five--the Tiger、Crane、The praying mantis、Snakes and monkeys--guarding peace in the Valley of life。But,Not a long time,Po faced a new、A more formidable challenge,A big wicked Peacock "Lord Shen" has a secret、Strong arms,He tried in vain to destroy Kung Fu、Conquer China! At this time,It is Po and the furious five across China,To meet the challenges of time,但是... [Read the full text]

The martial arts movie download,Donnie Yen、Takeshi Kaneshiro world interpretation of martial arts

zenglihunter | Film recommendation | 2011-07-07
Recent domestic concern of the martial arts movie is Chan,Is, after all, Donnie Yen and Kaneshiro two film and television star deduction。In Shenzhen,Bus station is a metro station of the martial arts posters,At first glance I didn't see the second word is "man",Embarrassed,Find theaters in big cities is very profitable,Especially when it came to the weekend,Movies are particularly。Today Internet access suddenly has been found under the martial arts,Quickly share with you。 《武侠》宣传海报 《武侠》剧情介... [Read the full text]
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