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The Red Inn HD MV download,Jay the first of the 12 new MV

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2012-12-12
红尘客栈 在线高清MV 《红尘客栈》MV介绍 周杰伦2012新专辑《十二新作》首波中国风主打《红尘客栈》MV。The Red Inn together with Jay Chou Fang Wenshan lyrics,Spray brothers Darren and starred gulinazha MV。Music is like a musical martial arts romance,You feel the most authentic Chinese Zhou song。 《红尘客栈》MV点评 青蛙带鱼: Out came out,Not wasting a year of waiting for。This is the week's Lake,他... [Read the full text]

"Tick MV" Beijing love story episode,Lin Xia in the bar sing songs

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2012-02-21
Beijing love story, my first thought was funny,Series Episode 15,Slowly becomes a tangled love story,Boring。But Lin Xia in the bar sing this song in the play of the tick is very pleasant,Hear it tick MV ^ _ ^ dinner plate also wanted to watch how Yang,But finding movies ... ... [Read the full text]

“Amphibious”Celebrity Kou Shibasaki theme from LADY of the intangible Spirit of the MV appreciation

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2011-08-28
Kou shibasaki,Having looked at the detective Galileo thought quite cute,Watercress look profile,Found Kou Shibasaki in the Battle Royale plays soma photon。Suddenly eyes light up,Felt while watching the great battle Royale, photons of horses loving o(∩_∩)O。Later,Also found that Kou Shibasaki is Japan unique three star (music、Movie、TV has a very good reputation)。这首《无形Spirit》MV就很有意思^_^ 柴崎幸《无形Spirit》 无形スピリット MV截图 [Read the full text]

Namie Amuro song of the Tempest HD MV

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2011-08-22
安室奈美惠《Tempest》 Tempest MV封面 [Read the full text]
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Super creative abroad MV:3OH!3 《DOUBLE Vision》

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2011-06-02
This MV is super creative,Apple computer interface for background,Simulation of browsing the Web to showcase songs,Refreshing! Appreciation of MV of the DOUBLE Vision: MV description : Of the DOUBLE Vision 3OH!3 Latest single MV before the meeting,3OH!3Two members Sean Foreman (hereinafter referred to as Sean) and Nathaniel Motte (hereinafter referred to as Nat) were two different high schools in Colorado。And two high schools in sports competition is fierce。Nat ... [Read the full text]
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