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Foreign trade B2C site Alexa rank + Chinese name + flow estimates

zenglihunter | SEO Case | 2015-06-26
I have engaged in foreign trade B2C industry,Then collected some foreign trade B2C industry some of the famous sites as well as some of its attention to some of the website。Site summary of the corresponding company name comes from the peer,Others are human ^ _ ^,Hope that this table useful,Friends, which will be able to identify from secluded swim network o(∩_∩)O~ addition,Welcome to rectify and supplement ~~ 2015.6.26 updates,You always have updated,But don't come to the site。Often friends know .... [Read the full text]

Foreign trade B2C iPmart:Unprofitable foreign trade dealers is bullying

zenglihunter | SEO Case | 2012-03-30
IPmart company information company name:Shenzhen Jin Ning electronic commerce, founder:Yang Ning was founded:2004Founded year location:Shenzhen finance records:IPmart-free growth story to do foreign trade B2C,Yang Ning has made no secret of its "business man" role。He participated in the founding of Shenzhen Jin Ning electronic commerce limited company,Not take VC money,Do not need to worry about that spectacular financial statements。 Walk with more is different,He is a "factory trade",About 60% of sales came from the .... [Read the full text]

Decryption of foreign trade B2C Pandawill,Watching "Kung Fu Panda" crash cheats

zenglihunter | SEO Case | 2012-03-23
  Recently found foreign trade B2C companies are willing media exposure,For example this article on Pandawill soft is Tencent、NetEase、Donews reproduced large portals such as。B2C wants to increase visibility towards the financing of foreign trade,Or,Learn more about the peer information ^ _ ^ Pandawill company profile: Company Web site:Founder of Jihong created the time:2009Founded year location:The Shenzhen team size:90About business performance:2011Annual sales of .... [Read the full text]

Introduction to domestic foreign trade B2C site, Smiles foreign trade area of those standing o(∩_∩)O~

zenglihunter | SEO Case | 2012-03-22
Article is Internet occasionally seen today,Here turn,I don't know the original address。Because I see this blog should also reproduce other people's (PS:I wrote an article on the blog who is the King of China's B2C? 6 large foreign trade B2C Web site data analysis! Did not indicate the original address,Judging that blog post is a reprint)。The following foreign trade B2C model station is pretty good,Pays homage to the worthy of,3C .... [Read the full text]

Tao shoes network of SEO optimization analysis of B2C Mall case

zenglihunter | SEO Case | 2011-09-25
Light years Forum has a lot of powerful SEO case study,Panning for gold is a treasure,Collected reprints in succession after bright case ^ _ ^ this shoe network analysis of the original address is: 作者是瑞森《B2C平台站分析之淘鞋网》 By 瑞森 淘鞋网是07年注册,Full stop to all kinds of footwear products sales,Overall performance is good,Here I know little of this to the optimization of B2C platforms under the learning way。 首先... [Read the full text]

Lift the Shenzhen foreign trade B2C FocalPrice Chi Ngong mystery of technology companies

zenglihunter | SEO Case | 2011-09-16
Don't know if it's the blue Pavilion,Big dragon,Milan's high profile to make low-key Shenzhen foreign trade B2C companies have also accepted a magazine interview。An article on is on dealextreme,This is the article on FocalPrice。Original text published in the world of managers。From these interviews we can understand these parts of the successful foreign trade B2C companies,Not so secret ^ _ ^ FocalPrice:FocalPrice bundle made in China launched its own brand mobile phone--MixWall,Show the FocalPrice... [Read the full text]

Secret trade B2C bosses DealeXtreme koth road foreign trade development

zenglihunter | SEO Case | 2011-09-16
Spatio-temporal coordinate system in foreign trade and the financial crisis,Foreign trade B2C is a sneak in the ground a long time force。Now,LTJ potentials (LightInTheBox)、Dragon network (DinoDirect)、DX(DealeXtreme)、Milan network、Focalprice and other major foreign trade B2C do garner,Set up in 34 sales of more than $ 100 million,And received tens of dollars of investment。This one,Lanting said at the end of this year in the US IPO。 But to say the largest、Most mysterious trade B2C,Is d... [Read the full text]

Who is the King of China's B2C? 6 large foreign trade B2C Web site data analysis!

zenglihunter | SEO optimization | 2011-08-02
Himself in foreign trade B2C industry for one year,Trade B2C Web sites, large and small have seen quite a few,Today just like to compare foreign trade industry did very well in B2C Web sites,Personal point of view to see who is the King of China's foreign trade in the B2C industries o(∩_∩)O foreign trade B2C6 website describes,Chinese name Milan network,Main sale apparel。Buy a lot of chain,But the chain is fragmented,General good,SEO ranking in some popular clothing words are .... [Read the full text]
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