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Secluded swimming nets Home resume Baidu weight

zenglihunter | Baidu optimization | 2012-02-27
Before the nets a quiet trip Home by Baidu down right,Induction drop right in the article,Mentioned website Home by Baidu down right,Baidu was the think wrong,Decide the tiller,If Web site now Home back,Baidu own problems。Baidu is not stable,Often victimizes regular station。Baidu updated Forum a site k、Home is down right complaining about sticker。After this,Thoroughly understand that Baidu's temper,Do the Chinese really have to rely on the patient ^ _ ^ home .... [Read the full text]

Secluded swimming nets Home by Baidu down right,Induction drop right

zenglihunter | Baidu optimization | 2012-02-22
Found on Monday in a quiet swim Network Home by Baidu down right,Prior to any changes,There is no cheating,This really is lying shot in the T-T,Niang was Moody。Fortunately only Home was inexplicably down the right,Other pages all normal,Web site traffic there is little fluctuation。 Following Home screenshot by Baidu down right: Search "you swim" dropped to sixth from the first page page,Disappear and www home site website,Home away home features by Baidu down right 1... [Read the full text]

According to the anchor text to match Google and Baidu search results page Title information

zenglihunter | Google Optimization | 2011-11-22
Swimming in the deep network discovered by accident,Google and Baidu to intelligent according to the anchor text of the page display Title information in the search results page。First look at screenshots,The photos don't lie: Google automatic matching of Baidu SERP Title match as the anchor text anchor text as the Title query URL is a secluded swim network Sitemap,The address is,The pages for the XML file,Source code there was no Title tag,Show page title:XML Sitemap。So Valley .... [Read the full text]

The Baidu search engine optimization Guide 2.0 PDF full version free download

zenglihunter | SEO eBook | 2011-08-27
The Baidu, Baidu search engine optimization Guide 2.0 is official SEO guide,Feel no special content,But Baidu SEOer should read,Novices can be SEO getting started to see。Overall feel of the Baidu search engine optimization Guide 2.0 than in previous versions of American views,But individuals and more like Google's Google search engine optimization Starter Guide,Even full-color print one copy of the impulse,O(∩_∩)O haha ~ Baidu search engine optimization Guide 2.0.PDF screenshots: ... [Read the full text]

Of Baidu reptiles to common HTTP return code handling - SEO knowledge necessary

zenglihunter | Baidu optimization | 2011-08-23
Baidu Spider to crawl and process,Setting the corresponding logic is based on the HTTP protocol specification for,Therefore,If a Web site or some special page or site category page when you set special,We should know how to be more in line with Baidu spider,To avoid wrong move unnecessary risk to website SEO。Baidu owners Club administrator Lee explained in the use of HTTP status codes,Involves common 301、404、403、503Recommendations on status codes .... [Read the full text]

End of Baidu Home effects,Site page rank

zenglihunter | Baidu optimization | 2011-08-11
Since Baidu in a quiet tour pages in the net after,Has not to any page in the Web site rankings。Should have keywords to page ranking in Baidu ranking is Home,And very low flow。This may be a legend in the Baidu Home effects。 Baidu Home effects,Online statement summarized under the three-point: A problem with the page structure of the site; Website weight enough; Sites outside the chain is too small。 But on the issue of the three points in what seems close to the edge,Like a fortune teller。 As you travel the net .... [Read the full text]

Who is the King of China's B2C? 6 large foreign trade B2C Web site data analysis!

zenglihunter | SEO optimization | 2011-08-02
Himself in foreign trade B2C industry for one year,Trade B2C Web sites, large and small have seen quite a few,Today just like to compare foreign trade industry did very well in B2C Web sites,Personal point of view to see who is the King of China's foreign trade in the B2C industries o(∩_∩)O foreign trade B2C6 website describes,Chinese name Milan network,Main sale apparel。Buy a lot of chain,But the chain is fragmented,General good,SEO ranking in some popular clothing words are .... [Read the full text]

Duplicate content recognized by search engines and vulnerability to false method

zenglihunter | SEO optimization | 2011-07-16
Light years VIP Forum panned a research search engine duplicate content identification method and the method of using this search engine loophole pseudo-original。Of course,Is best to own original,When he writes, after all, is the review and summary of existing knowledge,Sometimes can find unexpected inspiration ^ ^ copy Internet articles,Cause there are a lot of duplicate content on the Internet,These duplicate content,Putting tremendous pressure on search engines,Search engine at work,It is necessary to .... [Read the full text]

Google automatically matches the appropriate Title for the page title,The photos don't lie

zenglihunter | Google Optimization | 2011-07-14
Recently seen Google SERP,Today found that Google has very intelligent match Title tags,And should be used to a greater extent the technical。Is the most extreme example of a Government Agency website news page Title tags are unified, all organizations,But Google site found,Each page matching the news headlines(⊙o⊙),Baidu is a harmonious unity of ... ... View source site search today's SERP is also found,Secluded swimming also happened,As Figure: Google .... [Read the full text]

Search engine spiders crawl statistics program used CrawlTrack installation tutorial and feature descriptions

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2011-07-04
CrawlTrack is a PHP open source website statistics program,Compared with other Web site statistics tool,CrawlTrack feature is that you can count the search engine spider climb to website pages,And give an intuitive chart shows。CrawlTrack website live spiders statistics tool is most appropriate to the。 CrawlTrack supports multiple languages,Unfortunately does not support Chinese。But English is in the background as long as English is a little bit of know how。CrawlTrack installation the official tutorial,Do not .... [Read the full text]
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