Day: Record success

"Optimizing log" summary of recent optimization and SEO statistics tool recommendation

zenglihunter | SEO optimization | 2011-06-11
On April 22 for the record after a successful,Web site an article a day, there has been updates,Because site information is not very big,Obtained from the search of the daily traffic was not,Is currently hovering around 10 IP。Now included in Google and Baidu's data,"You swim" the word ranking,Under the summary。 By the site itself 2011.6.11 the page data: Number of articles: 61; Directory number: 10; Number of labels:266; Page number page: 2; Total number of pages:339 Baidu data: 总... [Read the full text]

"Baidu 520 updated analysis" new site pages successful Baidu

zenglihunter | Baidu optimization | 2011-05-20
2011May 20,Baidu is a massive update。Morning open your site,Found Baidu SEO toolbar display a number from 0 to 26,The big o(∩_∩)O~,Then run to the SEO forum is really a massive update,Because everywhere is called Baidu post-_-||| Baidu in the 520 day update is really interesting,To read either "Baidu, I love you (520)" or "I'm in love with you (520) Baidu",Baidu is really want to love by webmaster friends(^ _ ^)。 看了论坛的些... [Read the full text]

Web Site no Home solution and the importance of original content

zenglihunter | SEO optimization | 2011-04-24
幽游网刚开通时发了8篇文章,Google at the time included 30 pages,Because record-keeping Web site must be turned off after,There are 44 days has been the search engine returns the 403 code,Which prohibit access。According to Google's webmaster guidelines,Site temporarily closed the best returns 502 code,Server is temporarily shut off for maintenance means。However, because it is a shared space,Did not know how to set code 502,Ask also failed,Only second return code 403。 一开始关... [Read the full text]

Secluded swimming nets record success! Share registration process!

zenglihunter | Talk of feeling | 2011-04-22
You filed a successful tour network! (^o^)/ Record number:Xiang ICP 11,005,630th 号。This record is so friendly,Much better than my cell phone number。Themselves to digital has been a preference for 3 and 5,Look at the ready, just got all,That's good,Very powerful,Is indeed the record no I think about it every night (I waited more than a month ... ... )。In order to commemorate the record success,Share your domain name record process under。 3月8号注册的这个域名然后按照... [Read the full text]
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