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Chrome bulk saves all tab URLs + Bulk open copy URL Widget

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2012-03-08
Bulk saves all tab URLs plugin:Copy All Urls 用于一次性将所有Chrome选项卡中的网址复制到剪切板的小插件。Application specific SEO is to copy the links Web sites at once,Chain tool。Highlight is a plugin you can save the custom format。Format as in Figure: Copy All Urls downloads: 批量打开粘贴板网址... [Read the full text]

Swim from secluded NET Chrome share in browser market share in China

zenglihunter | Talk of feeling | 2011-08-26
You tour the network IP in recent days continuous breaking hundred,Although flows much,But my 4 month update an article every day little outcome,Digital has also increased from 2 to 3,Still very happy ^ _ ^ leisure time to,Look at Baidu statistics the percentage of browsers in the system environment,Feel quite surprised。Following a quiet travel network for 3 months of the browser bar chart: Surprise of the whole browser is Google Chrome by 33%,First place。See CNZZ below 2.. [Read the full text]

Look at the browser's cat,You really give up on IE6

zenglihunter | Top News | 2011-05-18
This is how a dream written by CSS (Doraemon),Read in different browsers,Machines of the cat is not the same, Oh。Through this little test we can see differences in different browsers rendering of the Web page,Best is Chrome (Webkit browser core) worst is IE6 (IE6 browser-based)。 IE6 has long been abandoned in a foreign country,Only the Mainland most but with IE6 or IE6 browsers,The main reason probably is that many .... [Read the full text]

Google browser Chrome to save beautiful Bing bing background image

zenglihunter | Quality software | 2011-05-12
Born in Microsoft's search engine Bing bing home page of Google, Baidu and other search engines are not the same。Google and Baidu's home page is very simple,A logo picture,A search box,Several product links,That's all the page elements。Bing bing is different,Apart from some external,Also a background image,This background image is exceptionally fine,If you also want to have their Bing bing these beautiful background photos? If,I think you will soon find,You have no .... [Read the full text]
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