Day: Togashi Yoshihiro

Protected: 1-32 volume of the full time Hunter comic,+ Hong Kong + Japan Baidu Web site download

zenglihunter | Comic download | 2015-07-25
See Nimrod review,Hunter comic before resources are invalid (blame it on 115 not shared),So specially collected Baidu today Hunter booklet,Including Taiwan East and Hong Kong editions volume 1-32 booklet,For your collection。Look forward to the early reopened............ the full-time hunters comics (Taiwan) link: password: Uqs3 full-time hunters comics (Hong Kong version) link: key .... [Read the full text]

Togashi Yoshihiro set guess comic 12-Mao rabbit

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2012-08-12
FJ 12 really put a lot of effort,Also did a lot of data drawn from。Hunter's attraction lies in its fine points。This article reproduced in Baidu Hunter of the new PANDA: 十二支卯兔漫画人设猜想 卯兔的正面及背面漫画设定图 兔名字是ピヨンぴよん Piyon 十二支中对应卯兔,Shape is the most visible + a pair of large rabbit ears from the tail。Neck hands legs also have rabbit fur。身体方面十分娇小应该只有165... [Read the full text]

Togashi Yoshihiro's early collection of short comic East of the Wolf, I love you HD Edition download

zenglihunter | Comic download | 2011-11-19
FJ short story collection "werewolf I love you" Introduction "Werewolf I love you" is mainly a collection of Yoshihiro Togashi's early short comic collection,The spiraled fastball short won a Japan hand view award,In addition the supernatural detective feels like the quiet You Baishu prototype,And we think it's great。而《夸张的生日礼物》可以看出富坚义博一开始就是个电动迷……整个短篇集可以看做是FJ为后来的《幽游白书》做的热身^_^ 富坚义博短篇集目录 狼人我爱你 灵异侦探团1... [Read the full text]

Full time Hunter Hunter x Hunter in Japan featured cartoons of medical students?!

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2011-11-17
Full time Hunter Hunter x Hunter has been recommended in the medical community on the Newsweek Japan the Newsweek of the medical profession believe that togashi Yoshihiro's full-time hunters psychological warfare describes very well,For health workers to read,In order to better treatment for patients。 The news was mixed by togashi Yoshihiro fans! Rape lazy not-rich man,Instead people should be given treatment,It is however,,Is really a cycle。But long-term xiukan in the Hunter does treatment of impatience and anxiety,... [Read the full text]

Togashi Yoshihiro comic composition analysis,Approached the comic genius NB painting techniques

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2011-11-05
Publish an article before the hunters shot from a professional perspective and composition,Experience the genius of togashi Yoshihiro togashi Yoshihiro's very detailed analysis of the composition,Today got an older FJ composition analysis article,A precious,分享给猎人Fans们^_^ 富坚义博漫画技法赏析 文字说明做成了图片,Please click the picture to appreciate God's masterpiece o(∩_∩)O哈哈~ #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { floa... [Read the full text]

From a professional point of view the Hunter shot and composition,Experience togashi Yoshihiro's Ghost

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2011-09-19
This article is a reprint of,From Hunter the original Baidu post bar (same address),Analysis of equivalent professional,Take over collection。Here is the original,请猎迷们慢慢享用^_^ 平面上的电影——富坚义《猎人》分镜赏 By 右太尉猫猫 我一直都是以动画党自居,Comics that I was white,Says wrong welcome everyone taught。Storyboard this thing has been in my understanding is the soul of comics,And this montage of the film is quite close,格子内... [Read the full text]

FJ Studio video,Look at Japan who togashi Yoshihiro's cartoon Studio is like

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2011-07-06
This video FJ (togashi Yoshihiro) is painting the Hunter x Hunter,Hunters are still drawing the first three volumes of booklets,Sky Tower can be seen in the picture from the video (like call,Look for years,Resentment ... ... )。Togashi Yoshihiro was very diligent when started,Unfortunately ... ...,留下个这么大的坑…… FJ富坚义博工作室视频 日本漫画家FJ工作室视频截图 [Read the full text]

Hunter xiukan resentment build-up:Hunter original ray Hunter suite

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2011-07-01
Hunter is now xiukan,Rich-when will you continue with the next ten。Xiukan is a Hunter Fan forever unspeakable pain,To finish down xiukan resentment into Hunter suite,Came from Baidu Hunter long ago。 Hunter x Hunter Hunter video suite screenshots:Damn xiukan! [Read the full text]

Japan actress asami Ma love Fu Yi Bo masterpiece of the Hunter

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2011-06-01
Japan actress beauty ゆ tiptoe(Asami)Mentioned in his blog just before love togashi Yoshihiro comic HUNTERxHUNTER(Hunter),Though it may be as a result of rich Blue Jay draft too seriously,Has to catch up on the progress she has now changed to another Blue Jay rich and famous comic of the quiet You Baishu。 I do not know how to comment on the two fish-rich enough work,But, according to Ma Mei ゆ tiptoe(Asami)Views,She thinks of the HUNTERxHUNTER(Hunter)Better looking than you swim,... [Read the full text]

You visit the domain name YuYuHunter the origin of the

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2011-05-31
They travel on the origins of the domain name,Have always wanted to write,But not being able to write,So write now-_-||| At first glance this domain is really baffling,Kinda long,Hard to remember。But for people who like comics,Well remember。Because the domain name is the English name comes from two comic,English name of the bunch is quiet You Baishu of the YuYu Hakusho;Another is the Hunter,Hong Kong version of translation for full-time hunters,Its English name is Hunter x Hunter。不难看出... [Read the full text]
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