Day: Google Analytics

Simple four-step for Google Analytics tracking spiders crawl

zenglihunter | Google Optimization | 2014-02-19
A first step,We download the packages,A directory to extract the files to your Web site(Most simply uploaded to the root directory)。 The second step,Creating a new media resource (account number can also be,No configuration file before you use/view,Tracking codes must be different,Avoid confusion affect normal Web site data analysis),New media resource ID。In view of the spider may be several times the normal PV,In order to avoid data overload,Recommends that large sites use accounts (GA limits per account per month up to 100.. [Read the full text]

Google Analytics segmentation Google images/videos/shopping source of search traffic

zenglihunter | Google Optimization | 2011-12-15
In the know before Google "image/shopping/video" URL feature,Tell Google traffic sources in a paper summarizing Google pictures、URL parameters of the video and shopping features,According to its feature analyzes the Web site logs,To get Google traffic from each column。But logs are to be analyzed is in trouble,Fortunately brother shared the night tree by configuring filter segments in the GA Google search traffic sources,This method is more simple and intuitive。Special reprint collections:-Google Analytics Go in... [Read the full text]

The traffic secret:PDF complete edition of Google Analytics website analysis and optimization

zenglihunter | SEO eBook | 2011-10-10
Believe that SEO is to frequently analyze traffic to the site,World traffic statistics tool for most Google analysts is free Google Analytics (Google really made a lot of good things for free ^ ^)。 Google Analytics getting started book non-secrets of traffic:Google_Analytics analysis and optimization of the Web site belong to book,Original name is Advanced.Web.Metrics.with.Google.Analytics,。作者Brian Clifton还是Google网络分析团队... [Read the full text]

Break-through Google Analytics only export limit of 500 keywords at a time

zenglihunter | Google Optimization | 2011-06-21
Google Analytics,English name Google Analytics,Abbreviation GA,Is a JS code that is provided by Google for free website traffic analysis tool,Features very powerful,Basically every website must have traffic statistics analysis tool。I am full knowledge of the GA,Today a,Very powerful,Think it is necessary to share。 Using Google Analytics will know there is a dimension is specialized statistical analysis and search keywords,But a page can only display up to 500 key .... [Read the full text]

Super Precision estimating website traffic tools:Google DoubleClick Ad Planner

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2011-05-17
DoubleClick is an Internet advertising company,Established in 1996,1998Years listed,2008Year bought by Google,Google takes this as absolute leaders in the online advertising industry。DoubleClick Ad Planner main function is to advertise,View site some basic data,In order for advertisers to choose Web site。So we can use it to view the competitor Web site traffic information,DoubleClick precision of estimates than Alexa for site traffic,至少用DoubleClick估算我自己... [Read the full text]
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