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Jay of the inverse of the HD DVD edition of Thunder download,100%HD Jay fans will be hidden

zenglihunter | Film recommendation | 2012-03-28
Jay 100% HD DVD version of the inverse(⊙o⊙)Oh,Jay fans quickly download( ⊙ o ⊙ )吧! 逆战剧情 从小与母亲相依为命的国际安全局警察万飞 (周杰伦 饰) Military areas in depth Middle East missions,A hail of accidents,Colleague-cum-fiancée Ice (白冰 饰)Died,Wan Fei also seriously injured,Leave sequelae of dying at any time。 Wan Fei is not much time,Will leave to return home to accompany his mother。Mother hides the secret years tells Wan Fei,... [Read the full text]

Hengyang March Kings Day concert,Jay VCR Hengyang friends, greetings!

zenglihunter | Talk of feeling | 2012-02-10
High school love Jay,Has been like up to now,After graduation from the University also read two JAY concert。But I'm always wanted Jay to Hengyang home to become a concert,This time when I went back to find television and outdoor advertising billboards all over Hengyang King Day March concerts,And, Jay,Form is the assortment of concert,But probably this is the concert market in Hengyang water works。Hope that the next time Jay Hengyang opening concert。 周杰伦携众明星向衡阳... [Read the full text]

Jay of the goddess of the super car HD MV full version download,Cars and girls ^-^

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2011-11-30
Super car girl MV full version of Jay Chou new album 2011 the latest flagship of the exclamation point the supercar goddess HD full version MV~! This Jay music, Fang Wenshan lyrics,MV to be found in a number of beautiful mirror,And Jay's collection of ultra cool sports car mirror。Selling cute MV ~ super car Super car HD screenshots goddesses MV download Standard Edition download: 1080P HD version .... [Read the full text]

"Discover Taiwan genius" Jay article,Let you know more about Jay!

zenglihunter | Fun Video | 2011-11-16
Discover Taiwan genius Jay article [Read the full text]

Jay Chou 2011 new song of the enchanting melody of the ecstasy and 320K/MP3 download song lyrics

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2011-11-04
JAY I just broke two new song? As a fan of JAY's brush yy,O(∩_∩)O哈哈~期待11号专辑的正式发布!!! 《迷魂曲》解析 周杰伦说电影能够刺激他的灵感,The first psychedelic electronic dance music,Inspiration comes from the movie inception starring Leonardo,This is Jay Chou started out trying for the first time in 11 years of electronic dance music,Opening to Electronica to create a dream-like psychedelic mystery,Lyrics describing the plot of Pirates of the dream of love songs,将电影情节转... [Read the full text]

Jay 2011 Shenzhen Super generation concert recording,And comparison with Shanghai concert

zenglihunter | Talk of feeling | 2011-09-18
2011September 17 8 o'clock,Is Jay Chou concert 2011 Shenzhen Super times raised the boiling point。 This day is Saturday,Still want to work,Closing time is 6:30,Oneself has been considered to be the first to eat or go to Shenzhen Stadium。Was afraid to catch for the final time is too tight,Decided to go to Shenzhen Stadium for dinner。 715 and it came to the gym,Found around fast-food restaurants have been JAY fan against an empty,That steamed to restaurants just a portion of tofu and a bowl of rice,Determined to win。女老板是笑... [Read the full text]

Bask in the Jay Chou 2011 concert tickets + Super-era propaganda poster ^^

zenglihunter | Talk of feeling | 2011-08-18
2010From June,Shanghai,My first concert-Era of Jay Chou Shanghai concert。City, first, that it was Jay's debut ten years concert,5~6 people。Meaning good,Also queued up to buy an iron box with blue key chain (box with love) concert souvenirs。 After one year,Jay Chou concert opened in Shenzen,I happen to be in Shenzhen,So he filled 380 dollars to spend for a super-era grandstand ticket to the concert (still stands-_-|||)... [Read the full text]

"Jay summary video of the Decade" with the participation of Jay Super rookie out of print screen

zenglihunter | Video recommendation | 2011-07-10
Asian heavenly King Jay Chou songs awards from my name is nobody to celebrity,Review of ten years of music history,The first time I saw Jay and students to participate in the talent show super stars picture,相当珍贵! Jay参加超级新人王选秀截图[Read the full text]
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