Day: Hunter cartoon

Protected: 1-32 volume of the full time Hunter comic,+ Hong Kong + Japan Baidu Web site download

zenglihunter | Comic download | 2015-07-25
See Nimrod review,Hunter comic before resources are invalid (blame it on 115 not shared),So specially collected Baidu today Hunter booklet,Including Taiwan East and Hong Kong editions volume 1-32 booklet,For your collection。Look forward to the early reopened............ the full-time hunters comics (Taiwan) link: password: Uqs3 full-time hunters comics (Hong Kong version) link: key .... [Read the full text]

Comics 31-32 volume of the full-time hunters East Chinese version Download "Baidu's Web site"

zenglihunter | Comic download | 2013-10-28
Hunter is a deep hole,Do not know when landing ToT monographs cover Hunter x Hunter 31 volumes of the Hunter x Hunter 32 volumes of the complete defeat of the war download: 31 volumes of the full-time hunters Taiwan East Edition download: 32 volumes of the full-time hunters Taiwan East Edition download: [Read the full text]

Hunter X Hunter全职猎人单行本1-29卷下载

zenglihunter | Comic download | 2012-02-19
Full time Hunter manga Hunter x Hunter episode introduced adventure、Brave、Fight、Brutal、Family、Friendship、Love and other elements in a。It made up a Hunter's world,Story from a little boy。 GON who grew up on whale island,And Milt aunts and grandmother lived。Cheerful, he,Can communicate with animals and spirituality。Without father, without mother,GON Mitte aunt as her own mother love。 Until a year,GON is a young man in the forest rescue。He GON .... [Read the full text]
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Excited! August full-time hunters reopened! 28-volume comic sales champion! TV animation again!

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2011-07-23
Excited Ah,Three good news came all of a sudden o(∩_∩)O~ experienced a year or so of FJ xiukan conscience finally decided August reopened Hunter Hunter x Hunter,This is by far the most exciting thing,The 8 hole may be filled out on the。 Hunter screenshot news resumed publication of the booklet sales won the 28th volume of full-time hunters under the Japan ORICON list the latest sales statistics,In the July 4 launch of the 28th volume of full-time hunters,After two weeks of sales,To 572,000 units sold among the comics sector... [Read the full text]

Hunter xiukan resentment build-up:Hunter original ray Hunter suite

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2011-07-01
Hunter is now xiukan,Rich-when will you continue with the next ten。Xiukan is a Hunter Fan forever unspeakable pain,To finish down xiukan resentment into Hunter suite,Came from Baidu Hunter long ago。 Hunter x Hunter Hunter video suite screenshots:Damn xiukan! [Read the full text]
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