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Jay Chou MV HD download 1080P of the piano injury + online video trailer

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2012-07-15
Jean hurt - Online for HD MV Jay MV1080P of the piano hurt HD download: http://115.MV MV film trailer music com/file/c2wkv7e1 harp injury injury synopsis MV Jay embodiment in medieval gentleman perfumers,Lara LARA is a ship's blue classical beauty,Perfumers Jay playing with "ship in a bottle" style perfume,After smelling mysterious fragrance into the perfume bottle in the temporal and spatial,Met on the boat playing Lara,Two people attract each other、Sweet dance,But every time .... [Read the full text]

ANRI Kumaki, Memorisation of the wind"high Qing MV online nursing + in the sentence song 词 + MV under described Chi-Li

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2012-04-19
ANRI Kumaki Anri.Kumaki a "Memorisation of the wind: 1 前线 intro on pleasing 欢迎 on completion,Very fresh,Recently has been cycle with listening to ^^ "wind の memory" HD online MV wind of memory Chinese lyrics blue of Earth in I of heart holding up has sky in the of full moon Earth of flowers in I of heart rises has not fell of Sun and people met always with respectively of sea breeze took with wind crossed marine you into has I chase of island small of dream on like groups fish son cross through whole season (looks forward to) and you total create miracle ... [Read the full text]

Baihao Zhou & Cheng Yung of the nothing HD MV online + download

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2012-03-18
Of the nothing ... ... Do not know how it is like the Cantonese song,(PS:Few like Cantonese songs) beginning in meters of music heard,Melody is very nice,Later at the MV lyrics are well written。 The lyrics online MV HD nothing of nothing: Composer:Jacques davidovici my lyrics:Wyman Wong Cheng:Perhaps this story is also about who you story week:I really want to finish some things want to fight Zheng:But got only a barrage of no half stars week:Really don't want you before setting ... [Read the full text]

"Tick MV" Beijing love story episode,Lin Xia in the bar sing songs

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2012-02-21
Beijing love story, my first thought was funny,Series Episode 15,Slowly becomes a tangled love story,Boring。But Lin Xia in the bar sing this song in the play of the tick is very pleasant,Hear it tick MV ^ _ ^ dinner plate also wanted to watch how Yang,But finding movies ... ... [Read the full text]

Starry May day HD online Watch full MV + download

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2011-12-09
Stars 2011 new album title song MV profile May days of the star MV,This song was also name the movie star theme song,MV included the film stars actor Lin Hui Min Lai appeared in,Is very good,Is to see for yourself the star MV,Later the film。 The songs of stone music、Letter lyrics。This song of the stars in the years after reading the,We chase after girls together often in single cycle in my OPPO D37,Like the stars at the beginning of the lyrics:... [Read the full text]

Jay how do you do full MV HD watch and download online address

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2011-12-08
Introduce the Hello MV: Jay Chou new album 2011 exclamation marks latest lyric of the song how do you do a complete edition of MV! Jay playing aside MoE breath,And sweet talk to young emotion,Hey、Play video games。 In December, two years ago in the United States when they film the Green Hornet,Jay seen L.A. streets fill the air with a strong spirit of Christmas,Concept of mind as soon as the birth of the new MV,Despite the song not the birth,He was then Taiwan's team flew to L.A.,While filming the free shot some pictures .... [Read the full text]

Jay of the goddess of the super car HD MV full version download,Cars and girls ^-^

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2011-11-30
Super car girl MV full version of Jay Chou new album 2011 the latest flagship of the exclamation point the supercar goddess HD full version MV~! This Jay music, Fang Wenshan lyrics,MV to be found in a number of beautiful mirror,And Jay's collection of ultra cool sports car mirror。Selling cute MV ~ super car Super car HD screenshots goddesses MV download Standard Edition download: 1080P HD version .... [Read the full text]

Jay Chou new song HD MV and 320kbps the full version of the Mine Mine MP3 download

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2011-11-01
The Mine Mine is from Jay improvisation,He said, "just for fun,Didn't expect such good,More to listen to,So he finished the song, "with a fun attitude,Create a fun song。The lyrics to break up Valentine,Continues to help her pay the ticket、Want to help her umbrella,But why do have separate help her umbrella? Jay says the answer lies in the lyrics ^ _ ^ Jay MV HD version of the Mine Mine Mine Mine lyrics words:Jay songs:Zhou Jie .... [Read the full text]

College End song of the lonely warrior of into the Sun MV,With Sino-Japanese statement twang.

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2011-10-12
Monobright guomao antiphonal "lonely branded" an equivalent resistance 前线,MV, beating a man with a decision,Exaggerated lip-^^ Samurai theme song alone in colleges and universities into the Sun MV HD Edition of sing song of the lonely sun:Monobright lyrics:Peach yeyangjie composer:Peach yeyangjie lonely sun shines brightest decision made me worry about why I want it now? A lonely journey Japanese victory Lai world Kumarajiva's kind Yuji existential 呢? Life teenagers with living a calm life wait time .... [Read the full text]

Lenka 《The Show 》MV ,After listening to pleasant English song

zenglihunter | Music MV | 2011-09-22
Lenka The Show, MV after listening pleasure ^ _ ^ She's Lenka,How long is a bit alike MJ ... ... Embarrassing The English lyrics in the Show I'm just a little bit caught in the Middle, I'm a little bit overwhelmed by Life is a maze and love is a riddle of life is a maze,Love is a mystery I don't know where to go, Can't do it alone I do not know where to,I don't want one.. [Read the full text]
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