Day: Full time Hunter

Computer Internet Ping Tong,Only 64-bit IE Internet solutions

zenglihunter | Computer Skills | 2015-06-24
Computer is a 64-bit Windows 7 ultimate,Suddenly all the software without Internet access,And are unable to access the router's local background,But can Ping Tong,DNS failed problem,Host file has no problem。Occasion of the toss for a long time was about to collapse,Came across a 64-bit IE Internet,Under the joy of Baidu,Finally solved,Record。 Cause analysis of computer no Internet access computer Svchost virus or Trojan infection,And 64-bit IE browser communication port is not by Svchost.exe.. [Read the full text]

Comics 31-32 volume of the full-time hunters East Chinese version Download "Baidu's Web site"

zenglihunter | Comic download | 2013-10-28
Hunter is a deep hole,Do not know when landing ToT monographs cover Hunter x Hunter 31 volumes of the Hunter x Hunter 32 volumes of the complete defeat of the war download: 31 volumes of the full-time hunters Taiwan East Edition download: 32 volumes of the full-time hunters Taiwan East Edition download: [Read the full text]

Theatrical releases "HUNTERxHUNTER Fei color vision" notices to PV

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2012-11-05
My theatrical trailer PV hunt finally came,Quite looking forward to the next year of the Phantom of the red color of the official release of Oh-second Tan Theatre notices series [Read the full text]

FJ full-time hunters comics set:President niteluo and the Ant wangmeiluaimu

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2012-09-09
340 words from our Nitro is that the original name rather than the president's name and the name isaac The aizac by Eye za LEC with google translation will continue to try to find isaac isaac found with two characters Jazz a famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton Isaac Newton One is Isaac(Isaac) 旧约圣经创世纪人物 创世纪是由摩西写成的 以撒(Isaac) Introduction to marry later, 60 children have two children Isaac in the original text for laughter in Isaac's father wanted to .... [Read the full text]

Full time Hunter's first film version of the Phantom of the red color will be released in January 2013

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2012-07-19
Serial,Oh, no,Is xiukan for such a long time Hunter finally ushered in the first film version of the Phantom of the red color of the,But have to wait until next year's o(∩_∩)O haha ~ Fu Blue Jay fair's animation work of the HUNTER x HUNTER Hunter,7On 18th officially launched the first animated film titled Phantom of the theater version of the Hunter pretty HUNTER x HUNTER color (provisional translation,Theatrical HUNTERxHUNTER Fei color into the Mirage),And is scheduled to be launched early next year。 According to the information currently published,Magic .... [Read the full text]

Hunter x Hunter booklets and Jump series sketch picture comparison video

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2012-04-08
Full time Hunter booklet in contrast to serial sketch video: Xiukan fanaticism ... ... ... If endlessly published sketches nice ... ... Some sketches are more powerful ... ... Finally Hunter Fan chart ~ cute ~ [Read the full text]

Full-time hunters funny doujin:Hunter x Hunter embarrassed of the day o(∩_∩)O~

zenglihunter | Coterie cartoon | 2011-11-23
From the hand of hunters stick cattle,Drew loving fan ~ wood ~ Hunter Fan will reservoir o(∩_∩)O~ original post Hunter x Hunter day 囧 [Read the full text]

Full time Hunter Hunter x Hunter in Japan featured cartoons of medical students?!

zenglihunter | Animation Strip | 2011-11-17
Full time Hunter Hunter x Hunter has been recommended in the medical community on the Newsweek Japan the Newsweek of the medical profession believe that togashi Yoshihiro's full-time hunters psychological warfare describes very well,For health workers to read,In order to better treatment for patients。 The news was mixed by togashi Yoshihiro fans! Rape lazy not-rich man,Instead people should be given treatment,It is however,,Is really a cycle。But long-term xiukan in the Hunter does treatment of impatience and anxiety,... [Read the full text]

Full-time Hunter of Hunter x Hunter 29 volumes of the "memory" of Japanese HD Edition download

zenglihunter | Comic download | 2011-11-02
Hunter series will bloom again,Really special fun,Hope FJ this stick for a long time ^ ^ yesterday to download Hunter 29 Japanese edition booklet,Man friends, many hunters looking for separate 29-volume manga download,Specially to share Hunter 29 download o(∩_∩)O haha ~ Hunter x Hunter 29 volumes cover full-time full-time Hunter Hunter 29 volumes of the memory of the booklet download:Click here to download [Read the full text]

Hunter's latest doujin comic:The true capacity of the yalujia

zenglihunter | Coterie cartoon | 2011-10-30
Strange teeth of four recent real fire,Stick is about four sisters,Look at this fine comic ^ _ ^ [Read the full text]
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