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MADCon2011 SEO November Beijing party package presentation PPT download

zenglihunter | PPT data | 2011-11-29
It's MADCon SEO guest lecture PPT in Beijing on November 26, 2011 collection,Including: Charles:后SEO时代的出路 废小米SEO与数据分析 夫唯以百度和腾讯为创业平台的心得 渠成SEO 3.0S 王淘百度SEO指南 刑天SEO之见招拆招 看完后觉的前天极网SEO废小米的《SEO与数据分析》比较有意思O(∩_∩)O哈哈~ MADConSEO聚会演讲PPT集合: 2011MADCon嘉宾PPT集合下载地址... [Read the full text]

Small business SEO Commission programmes employed in,To SEOer and business balance

zenglihunter | SEO optimization | 2011-08-29
To join soon,So SEOer appointed within the enterprise is mainly how to Commission,Commission model how,And what are the indicators of the Commission,Not very clear。So, recently,,Want a SEO royalty scheme,Here to share: When SEO changes in UV values are positive: 底薪 + (Monthly SEO UV - Last month SEO UV) x (1-Monthly bounce rate) x 金额 SEO UV变化为负时底薪 + (Monthly SEO UV - Last month SEO UV) x 当月跳出率 x 金额 SEO提... [Read the full text]

Google SERP of major adjustments summary page displays

zenglihunter | Google Optimization | 2011-08-24
Today site site found on Google Google search results page (SERP for short) page Description,That page describes the show underwent a major adjustment。What do Google adjusted? The photos don't lie,Cut pictures for everyone to see。 此图为在上搜索“男士包包”的其中一跳网页显示结果: This figure obviously noticed that Google displayed on page description text by the original simple refining keyword summary,Li list now displays。... [Read the full text]

Of Baidu reptiles to common HTTP return code handling - SEO knowledge necessary

zenglihunter | Baidu optimization | 2011-08-23
Baidu Spider to crawl and process,Setting the corresponding logic is based on the HTTP protocol specification for,Therefore,If a Web site or some special page or site category page when you set special,We should know how to be more in line with Baidu spider,To avoid wrong move unnecessary risk to website SEO。Baidu owners Club administrator Lee explained in the use of HTTP status codes,Involves common 301、404、403、503Recommendations on status codes .... [Read the full text]

Use quick macro Google AdWords Google keyword bulk download

zenglihunter | Google Optimization | 2011-08-19
Last week had been powered Google AdWords keywords,That's called a hard,More than 8 hours a day can also download more than 500 keywords table,Because of the stupid kind of repetitive actions,So it was easy to fall asleep。When doing SEO,^ _ ^ SEOer is a network that migrant workers to get rid of human status of Google keywords,Search Google keywords bulk download tool,Results results are plain has been a leader for a long time free of charge before released "Google keywords bulk access to tools" ,But now .... [Read the full text]

Tencent QQ online editor of internal staff training materials PPT

zenglihunter | PPT data | 2011-08-12
In brief,The Tencent's training is to teach you how to be a qualified network editing。Believe that for many people and help,Share with everyone。We do not underestimate the work of website editor,If a website editor is very poor,For doing SEO is more difficult。Many SEO training for Department site editor,This PPT it gives you reference o QQ(∩_∩)O QQ网站编辑培训PPT截图: 腾讯网络编辑员工培训资料PPT下载地址... [Read the full text]

Girls with disabilities Yang,To apply for a 58 city SEO Commissioner's salary is 5000 +

zenglihunter | SEO optimization | 2011-08-11
The not belong to you strong girls Dr,Apply for 58 of the SEO specialist,5000 a month! To do SEO Friends of little faith,呵呵 《非你莫属》主持人扶杨建出场画面[Read the full text]

Official recommended third-party Sitemap Google Google software collection

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2011-08-09
Sitemap for SEOer is basic basic knowledge,Remember new to SEO, and have been looking for a tool to generate a Sitemap.xml file,之前也推荐了一款国产老虎Sitemap生成器。But the disadvantage is very slow,Function is very simple。So today Google's official Google recommend third-party Sitemap creation software collection (in English),供需要Sitemap工具的朋友们折腾^_^ Google谷歌官方推荐Sitemap工具大集合GSite... [Read the full text]

About us search engine PDF full version download,SEO must see one of

zenglihunter | SEO eBook | 2011-08-04
Ask Guoping understanding how search engines what book would you recommend,Recommended is the first into the search engine。In this book IT is negative in the search industry reviews,Said is a patchwork of,Relatively more popular,Read more SEOer。Should be SEO must see one of。Gathered inside their shared PDF full version of the search engine, Want to share ^^ the contents of the into the search engine introduced: In the popularization of the Internet today,It has often been in the ocean of information .... [Read the full text]

Who is the King of China's B2C? 6 large foreign trade B2C Web site data analysis!

zenglihunter | SEO optimization | 2011-08-02
Himself in foreign trade B2C industry for one year,Trade B2C Web sites, large and small have seen quite a few,Today just like to compare foreign trade industry did very well in B2C Web sites,Personal point of view to see who is the King of China's foreign trade in the B2C industries o(∩_∩)O foreign trade B2C6 website describes,Chinese name Milan network,Main sale apparel。Buy a lot of chain,But the chain is fragmented,General good,SEO ranking in some popular clothing words are .... [Read the full text]
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