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English SEO keyword combination tool,Batch generate tens of thousands of long tail keywords

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2012-03-10
SEO keyword combination tool applies only to batch build English keywords,Do not apply Yu Zhongwen (because there are spaces between words)。Fill at least 2 boxes,Up to 6 boxes ... .... Nothing better describes the,Is used to batch mix long tail words,Share to doing English SEO friends。 Show English keywords SEO keyword combination tool combination tool download: [Read the full text]

Chrome bulk saves all tab URLs + Bulk open copy URL Widget

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2012-03-08
Bulk saves all tab URLs plugin:Copy All Urls 用于一次性将所有Chrome选项卡中的网址复制到剪切板的小插件。Application specific SEO is to copy the links Web sites at once,Chain tool。Highlight is a plugin you can save the custom format。Format as in Figure: Copy All Urls downloads: 批量打开粘贴板网址... [Read the full text]

English SEO tools:Senuke x CRM download,2011.10.14Pro-testing available

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2011-10-14
Today go to the forum found a new version of Senuke cracked version of x,Give it a try,Share with everyone。Package 16Mb,But after extraction has more than 180 Mb,This version is green version,Do not need to install,But the software needs to be installed. NET environment (software tips)。 Senuke X Logo,觉得是SEO工具中最好看的了^^ Senuke X 破解方法: Open c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts 在未尾添加两行 88.80... [Read the full text]

Use quick macro Google AdWords Google keyword bulk download

zenglihunter | Google Optimization | 2011-08-19
Last week had been powered Google AdWords keywords,That's called a hard,More than 8 hours a day can also download more than 500 keywords table,Because of the stupid kind of repetitive actions,So it was easy to fall asleep。When doing SEO,^ _ ^ SEOer is a network that migrant workers to get rid of human status of Google keywords,Search Google keywords bulk download tool,Results results are plain has been a leader for a long time free of charge before released "Google keywords bulk access to tools" ,But now .... [Read the full text]

Bulk CSV file merging tool download

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2011-08-08
Grace,Nothing better describes the,As the name,Is used to batch merge CSV files。Software is light years away,Here is your favorite down,有需求的朋友可以免费下载^^ CSV合并工具截图:   CSV merge tool free download:Click here to download [Read the full text]

Bulk free Google keyword ranking query tools

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2011-07-27
Free Monitor for Google is a free Google keyword ranking batch query tool,And introduced before the PR value is a bulk query tool PaRaMeter products。Free Monitor for Google's exquisite disguise,Ranking query is slow,This have no idea who call Google's highly regulated。Can't eject the verification code to query keywords ranking in bulk only,Each query intervals for at least 7 seconds。 Free Monitor for Google to support more .... [Read the full text]

Web page similarity detection tool online

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2011-07-09
Web page similarity detection tools,Fill out the two page URL address to check。 Similar Page Checker Enter First URL Enter Second URL [Read the full text]

Xenu:Google's recommended efficient website dead link detection tools

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2011-07-08
Xenu is a tool for effective Web link scan,Is currently the fastest link scan tool,That mentioned in the Google Webmaster Help Center:To test a Web site for dead links,Recommended Xenu。But Xenu is not only used to detect Web sites dead link。 Following figure is Xenu secluded swim network links in the scan screenshot: From the figure, you can find that link in the red box does not make sense ,Reply link is produced because the article has a message,很明显这种链接被蜘蛛... [Read the full text]

"SEO tools" Baidu Google SEO title description preview (simulation) tools

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2011-04-27
软件介绍 最近一直在写公司新网站目录的标题和描述,Wrote there is a nod to dizzy,We must properly select keywords,Also reasonable keywords into the title and description to,More to attitude skeptically review site directory name of rationality,Really tired。Personally feel that the list of keyword selection,Writing website internal optimization of the title describes the most tired of living(Site directory have 300 +)! You will probably say that procedures for direct template,Does not have to,何必手工一个一个的... [Read the full text]

SEO tools of the Web Log Explorer version 3.31 crack Super Web log software

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2011-03-14
Basically doing SEO for some time,You'll find data in Google Webmaster Tools update is a bit slow,Tend to be site problems after 3 days will be found in the Google Webmaster Tools data in the background。These data can be observed:404,403,500Error code page,Number of sites (only a graphical trend and average number of crawl),Keywords。 Remember a company's website suddenly appear a lot of 404 page in the Administrator tool,These are ... [Read the full text]
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