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WdCP panels build the Magento site environment and component upgrades

zenglihunter | Magento | 2015-10-18
WdCP 1. install wget yum-y install wget 2. official RPM package installed (only for CentOS 5.x and 6.x) wget http://Down.wdlinux.CN/in/ sh 3. default address + password spooler http://ip:8080 User name:admin,Password:Wdlinux.CN MySQL user name:root, Password:Wdlinux.CN port for safety be sure to change the background and the default password is 4. uninstall the command sh La .... [Read the full text]
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New VPS Web hosting providers、System、Panel options

zenglihunter | Magento | 2015-10-17
VPS Web hosting providers:Digitalocean taken into account there are three: digitalocean,Linode,Vultr。Under the Baidu VPS,Would anyone recommend Web hosting providers。Select Digitalocean is mainly one of its key configuration plugin,Three measuring speed,Digitalocean room in Los Angeles in my relatively fast。 Digitalocean speed address: to solve the Digitalocean CSS fails to load: C:\WindowsSystem32d... [Read the full text]
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