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LimitlessRemote + gamepad + media phone into ever-changing remote control remote control

zenglihunter | Boutique APP | 2012-07-09
LimitlessRemote ever-changing remote control is a Chinese original Super cell phone remote control software,And it's free! LimitlessRemote your mobile can be gorgeous because of being:Wireless mouse、Wireless keyboard、Wireless multimedia remote control、PPT wireless pointer and wireless g-sensor game handle! And far program shutting down your computer! Mobile phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse are not rare,Introduced before the Remote Mouse can also,Limitless is characterized by containing the PPT presentation control for Remote、... [Read the full text]

Apwifi PDF printer driver:Free virtual circuits supported by software 100% XP

zenglihunter | Quality software | 2012-06-25
Apwifi is a virtual wireless router software,As long as your laptop or computer has a common wireless network adapter,To achieve own WiFi hotspot,Mobile phone free WiFi Internet。Apwifi used to be free, then charging,Then increase the search apwifi hack ... ... Apwifi not really crack version,Or in fact don't get a cracked version,Is simply because you can continue to use the free version of,And not because the author left a back door to the software lets computer card。 ... [Read the full text]

Hot ad-hoc WiFi Phone Miui V4 XP virtual 100% success

zenglihunter | Computer Skills | 2012-05-12
Life is frustrating,Mobile phone is。Yesterday, brush MiuiV4 2.5.11,Preliminary good,But the tragedy is not the portable building WiFi hotspots (specialized term used for Ad-Hoc)。Forum of chopping method,Finally is successful on millet V4 XP WiFi (not win7、No route very bitter to me T_T),Beginning Android 4.0 era o(∩_∩)O HA HA,Summarize methods。 Miui V4成功连接XP 笔记本Wifi Miui V4 连接XP虚拟... [Read the full text]

Under XP laptop with wireless card sharing networks to the phones for free Internet access method

zenglihunter | Computer Skills | 2011-12-24
My old XP laptop to successfully share a pro test WiFi wireless networking to phone for free Internet access,This method is absolutely feasible。In addition special note this is only for XP systems,Android smart phone。 A first step: Right-click->Network Neighborhood->Property->Wireless network connection->Property->Wireless network configuration->Select the "use Windows to configure my wireless network settings" check box->Senior->选择“... [Read the full text]
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