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Blog upgraded to WordPress 6.0

zenglihunter | Talk of feeling | 2013-09-17
Hope this version of Google and Baidu will be normal crawl,Namo Amitabha ~ [Read the full text]
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Firefox Friefox 3.6.18 English version Download "rare version"

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2011-10-13
Believe still have a friend looking for a Firefox Friefox 3.6.18 English version download,Although version version is very low,But Firefox is a classic,Better compatibility and stability than new。With some plug-ins also have this version is not available,例如之前在《自用WordPress英文自动博客站群插件集合大公开》中的SEO Booster PRO 破解版就非要用 Friefox 3.6版本才能设置。 Friefox 3.6.18 English Edition screenshot: ... [Read the full text]

Use Group plugin WordPress automatic blog in English station collection large public

zenglihunter | WP Optimization | 2011-09-05
This is used to implement WordPress automatic plug-in collection of English blog station groups,Is summed up until a period of groping,Now open to all addons used by,To need friends。 Automatic WordPress blog plug-in set: Dagon Design Sitemap Generator (HTML Sitemap plug-in,Easy collection,Click for effects unseen tours site map) Duplicate Posts Eraser (used to stop publishing a duplicate article) Google XML Sitemaps (submitted to the Google x .... [Read the full text]

Personalize your WordPress search results page,Make the user experience even better!

zenglihunter | WP Optimization | 2011-07-30
Many Wordpress themes on the site search page is designed very unfriendly,Often when users search less,Tips on its search page simply displays search results。So,Do you think this page is too monotonous,Do you want to add some random article,To make the page more,Better user experience? If,Then we simple plugins to create a more,Friendly search page now! Search page is what do you want? This has to be clear .... [Read the full text]

Master planning the WP Sidebar Widget Logic and common display parameters table

zenglihunter | WP Optimization | 2011-07-24
Widget Logic is a very easy to use the Wordpress side bar plug-in,Use Widget Logic plugin you can easily manage the WP blog side bar gadget,For example:Links only at the Home Show,Latest articles on the articles page shows,Popular articles in Home page and directory display。So what are those specific to achieve,This is used to display parameters of the Widget Logic。 Widget Logic commonly used display parameters table: is_home() Home page is_single()... [Read the full text]

High performance total station PR batch query tool "PaRaMeter" download and tutorial

zenglihunter | SEO Software | 2011-07-11
The PR value of the PaRaMeter is a compact batch query tool,Compared to other PR query tools are its main features can be obtained using its batch Extract Urls tool Web page URL address,So that you can efficiently query site-wide distribution of PR is worth。 PaRaMeter station PR query tutorial: 1.运行 PaRaMeter选择tool中Extract Urls链接扫描工具。As Figure: 2.1) entered in the website Home,2) Set the link scanning depth,0-Only scan the current page,1... [Read the full text]

WordPress Flash tags plugin "WP-Cumulus" finished to TAG links downloads

zenglihunter | WP Optimization | 2011-06-22
WP-Cumulus WordPress is extremely creative in a Flash tags plugin,Can dull the label bright all of a sudden。WP Cumulus is very popular in foreign countries,Right of the storm now, Baidu rankings "Baidu search weathervane" is copying its。The powerful Cumulus。 Chinese Wordpress Forum plugin,Found this plugin is finished,And is the perfect support labels,So they take over。But now on the shared version is in the original Chinese version of .... [Read the full text]

Google Webmaster Tools information has prompted the upgrade WordPress,The photos don't lie

zenglihunter | Google Optimization | 2011-06-19
Today login Google Google Webmaster tools when he discovered a message,Webmaster site information should be prompted to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress。Generally means that,Old version of the site is now running WordPress,Please upgrade as soon as possible to avoid hackers attack Web site to the latest version of WP。And the WordPress official download links。^ _ ^ Don't know others who received similar information not,It seems Google is really very seriously and understand WordPress。word... [Read the full text]

WordPress related posts thumbnails plugin

zenglihunter | WP Optimization | 2011-05-26
Recently discovered site bounce rate is high,Basic is the 100%,That is a page left the site。User a low viscosity,So I want to in the article by adding prominent links to stories with thumbnails to reduce bounce rate。Toss the night looking for WP related posts thumbnails plugin,Tried several,Eventually decided to use the related posts thumbnails plugin,Because English WP blog using this plugin,Simple to use。Its effect is to now look at the bottom of the article there are three thumbnails links to articles,O... [Read the full text]

"WP skills" fix WordPress directory URL address

zenglihunter | WP Optimization | 2011-05-16
Check website today articles indexed,Found the site directory's URL changed,URL from WordPress directory the default "" structure "","Post" this character,And there have been several changes the directory was indexed by Google,The default URL address which returns a 404 code。That's too bad,This is probably Google included decreased in recent days of the original .... [Read the full text]
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