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Hot ad-hoc WiFi Phone Miui V4 XP virtual 100% success

zenglihunter | Computer Skills | 2012-05-12
Life is frustrating,Mobile phone is。Yesterday, brush MiuiV4 2.5.11,Preliminary good,But the tragedy is not the portable building WiFi hotspots (specialized term used for Ad-Hoc)。Forum of chopping method,Finally is successful on millet V4 XP WiFi (not win7、No route very bitter to me T_T),Beginning Android 4.0 era o(∩_∩)O HA HA,Summarize methods。 Miui V4成功连接XP 笔记本Wifi Miui V4 连接XP虚拟... [Read the full text]

Phone phone ends access computer sharing files tour[Without using a wireless router]

zenglihunter | Computer Skills | 2012-03-07
I test using the phone,Computer system is XP。This method should be all Android smartphones are available。Words not said directly into the theme: 1.Plug a laptop with a wireless card or USB wireless card desktop,Without using a wireless router; 2.按照《XP下笔记本用无线网卡共享网络给手机免费上网的方法》一文共享电脑网络; 3.下载“开通局域网共享.zip”文件,Run the file,Restart the computer; 4.View a computer's IP address (hold down the Win+R key,... [Read the full text]

"Phone" Miflash open Flash button is grey and the reasons

zenglihunter | Computer Skills | 2012-02-11
昨天把小米手机从Miui 2.3.5K刷到MiuiV4 2.2.10,Want to try Android 4.0 new features,Don't want Miui is unstable,Call a small voice,But unable to connect notebook sharing hotspot wifi。 Finally decided to brush back Miui 2.3.5K,See millet forum description,Steps brush Miui V4。But want to open the Miflash select brush Pack,Enter fastboot mode,Connected to the computer,竟然发现flash刷机按钮是灰色的!!! 于是去小米手机论坛... [Read the full text]

After reopening of the blog,Will try to update the blog ^ _ ^

zenglihunter | Talk of feeling | 2012-02-08
Blogging is really over time,People are getting lazy,文章是越来越少^_^ 由于前一阵子买了小米手机,First Android phone,Very fresh,所以电脑开着基本上是被当做无线路由来用了…… 又由于1月初的时候搬了个新地方住,Because next year until a genius for half a year of great wall 6M broadband。Great Wall broadband network this is Thunder download soon 1MB/s,Open the site like a Telecom 2M,极端啊…… 基于以上原因所以今... [Read the full text]

"Millet hand,Two defects "objective feel about phone

zenglihunter | Talk of feeling | 2011-12-19
1215th order,1219th morning waiting for a long time the phone。Since then entered the age of touch screen ^ _ ^。 Phone at a glance is good,The handle is also very good,Found under the phone works with real mobile phone manufacturers still have a gap,Currently there are two points: 1.Screen。Especially for colleagues discovered how to be found,But his own time or several times to see the legendary screen。Both standby and is turned on is very easy to see,并不... [Read the full text]

Thoroughly understand the mobile difference between ROM and RAM and their meaning

zenglihunter | Top News | 2011-08-16
Mobile has the pace of transition to smart phones,Future is undoubtedly dominated by Smartphones。Smart phone as a mobile Internet device,No doubt became a public company a battleground。For example a long time ago, Lenovo Music Phone,Meizu M9,Now the phone,Aliyun phone,Google acquisition of Motorola。Mobile is really really busy Ah。 To purchase a smart phone,Must look at its configuration, Is the same as the choice of notebook。而手机诸多参数中有两个参数很容易让人迷糊... [Read the full text]
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